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Can You Really Raise Kids in An Apartment?


First off, let me define the meaning of ‘small living space‘… because I lived in the back of my station wagon/tent, for a year, in my early twenties.

Apartments are relatively huge compared to a station wagon.

Better for the environment
Taking up less space, means… taking up less space. It means you leave more room for nature to be nature. There are 7 billion+ people on this planet, most of them live on top of each other. If we all wanted to live in a house, with a yard, we would all be squashed in an endless sea of tiny fenced in yards. Living in a small space means you use up less resources (building materials, energy for heating/cooling, etc.). When you live in a small space, you are also more conscious of buying unneccesary items (because you have no room). The less ‘stuff‘ we buy, that we don’t *really* need, the better for the environment. The production, the transport, and eventually, the disposal of the items we buy for our house, all have an impact on the world we live in. Read the rest of this entry

Stop Everything. Some People Don’t Rinse the Soap Off Their Dishes!?

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For years I ignored it. It just couldn’t be. In the staff room, after lunch, those soapy dishes left in the drying rack… I mean, surely, someone was going to come along and rinse them, right? The soapy residue taste when I ate a friend’s house… well, I must have been imagining it.

When I moved to Australia seven years ago, everything was new anyways, so what was a little soap on the dishes?

When you witness something that’s borderline sketchy…. what do you do?

I dared not speak up. Read the rest of this entry

Seven Questions I Need to Stop Asking My Kids

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Before my children could verbally communicate well, I got really good at reading their cues… Hungry? Tired? Hot/Cold? Upset? Have to pee? Yup, with a little practice, I seemed to be able to figure it all out. Now, they’re older and extremely verbal, but I keep doing something extremely stupid: I keep asking them questions which I (and they) already know the answers to. Asking these types of questions makes me sound like a broken record and is an obvious display of my lack of awareness.

1. Are you hungry?

I can generally calculate this answer, myself, if I think about the last time we ate. If they’re hungry, they’ll either lunge for food or they’ll have a melt down. Simple. Next.

2. Do you have to pee?

I ask the little one at least 29 times a day. If she has to pee, she holds her crotch and can’t sit still. I KNOW when she has to pee… SHE KNOWS WHEN SHE HAS TO PEE. I can just take her, but instead, I ask her. She says “No“. I ask her again 5 times until I take her… I’m an idiot. I could have saved my breath and just taken her at my first chance. Read the rest of this entry

The *Actual* Reason Why Children are 800% Worse When Their Mothers Are in the Room

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“They were fine all day with me, but the second they saw you, they lost it, Kate! I don’t understand!” Says my husband, on a regular basis.

The other day, I read a funny article titled, “Study: Children Are 800% Worse When Their Mothers are in the Room” (a fake study). I cracked up when I read the title, and quickly realized it was fake, once I read it. Despite the article being fake, the concept is TRUE! Kids are absolutely 800% worse when around their mothers… and why??? Read the rest of this entry

The Joys of Making a Birthday Cake for You and Your Hippie, Diet-Restricted, Mama Friends

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See that cake? I’m a fraud. It’s made from berries that aren’t even organic.

I can explain. Really, I can.

See, last week, I *thought* it would be a good idea to do my daughter’s 3rd birthday party at playgroup, since her birthday and the playgroup day coincide. Throwing a real party would be too much effort (second child).

I could make a cake!

We could sing ‘Happy Birthday‘, it would be grande! Read the rest of this entry

Spoon Feeding Information Sucks the Life Out of Learning: The 5E’s

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We bought my kids a cheap ‘GoldieBlox‘ set from Aldi. Being a science teacher and having heard all about how this toy was sooooo fantastic, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. ‘GoldieBlox‘ is an award winning toy that is designed to promote engineering for girls.

The GoldieBlox set comes with a cute little story book, that acts as a set of instructions. The box contains: one peg board, 5 wheels, 10 axels, 10 blocks, a couple figurines and a ribbon. The main character ‘Goldie‘, wants to design a spinning wheel for her pet dog, so that the dog can spin like a ballerina. Read the rest of this entry

Go Ahead, Mix Brown

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Who am I to tell you what your creative process should look like?

As a kid, I was probably taught to keep my colors separate. I can’t remember exactly.

I certainly remember being told to color in the lines.

I remember being taught the right way to draw things… and guess what?

I suck at painting and drawing. Suck bad at it. I was a sensitive type, so every time someone would correct my creativity, without me asking for advice, I would get pulled out of the creative process and start to question my ability. I started thinking that I sucked at painting and drawing, so I stopped.

You can paint however you want, sweetie.

It’s just paint.

It’s just paint.

Whatever you create is perfect.

I let your older sister paint brown and draw rubbish.

Now, I love her drawings and paintings. They are so hilarious and unique. She knows how to keep her colors separate and I never had to teach her that. Actually, she yelled at you today because you were messing up her purple.

So go ahead, mix brown, draw scribble and paint squiggles… be my guest.

It’s just paint.

It’s just color.

Whether you learn to keep your colors separate or not, I don’t care. Because keeping colors separate is not as important to me as your confidence.




My Daughter Isn’t Bossy. She’s a Follower, And That’s Ok

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Lots of people stick up for bossy girls (and boys).

Don’t call my daughter bossy, she’s a leader!”

Bossy, bold, being a leader, brave, (whatever you want to call it) are all qualities that seem to appeal to our society.

But, what if your kid isn’t bossy?

What if your kid is a sensitive little follower, and copies other kids in a bid to make everyone happy? What if your kid is a people pleaser? Of course, us adults like if a kid follows our lead. But, if a kid follows and copies other kids, we see this behavior in a negative light.

Does being a follower make your kid a sissy? Weak? Unoriginal? Read the rest of this entry

A Hundred Compliments and An Insult

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I just finished teaching two weeks of a winter semester university course.

It was a blast.

Each day I had a different group of students and I was teaching iPads, which is like, the most fun thing ever. All day, I heard, “Wow!” “This is so cool! This is awesome!”

There was lots of laughter and groups of students collaborating together. We played games and learned how to tap into technology as a teaching tool. By the end of every lesson, many of the students went away thanking me. They gave me all sorts of compliments and told me that this workshop had been so fun and useful. “The best class they had gone to in a long time!Read the rest of this entry

Oh, Shut Up and Let Me Use My Phone!

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We were driving through the beautiful countryside yesterday and my husband said, “Hey Kate, stop looking at your phone and look at the scenery.” I was in the worst mood ever (we were joking about it) and I said, “Oh would you shut up and let me look at my phone!” I’d seen the pretty scenery a million times before and it was the first time I’d had a chance to check my phone all day.

Somehow, my husband can get away with being on his phone whenever he needs to. But when it’s my turn… Forget it! They all need me then. It’s not fair!

It’s ok, I get it. My family likes my presence. Read the rest of this entry