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Have You Had That Baby Yet? Seriously, Shut up!

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There have been a plethora of overdue babies around me lately, so I had to write this post.

I worked until four days before my due date with Margo. Each and every day that I made it to work, everyone would say the same thing as I waddled in the door, “Oh, you’re here, we weren’t sure if you would make it today! You must be so over it.”  Read the rest of this entry

The Most Beautiful Thing She Wished For

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We were walking around this shopping center and we came across one of those wishing fountains. Well, Margo declared it a wishing fountain and asked my husband for a coin to toss in. She tossed a 20 cent coin in with a big “PLOP“ (in Australia, the 20 cent coins are one of the more massive ones, that make good plops). Of course, a four year old can’t keep a secret… As were walking away, she was all giggling and skipping and just bursting for one of us to ask her what she wished for.

So….. What did you wish for?” I said.

She replied, “My wish is that I love Daddy and I love Mommy and I love Goldie (her sister) and I LOVE MYSELF!”

This is the same wish she’s made several times and it was also the same wish she made on her birthday, a few weeks ago. If loving other people and loving yourself is a wish of hers, well, wow, that is just something spectacular! I know if that were me, making a wish, I would not have been so sincere!

Is Your Bra Toxic? Five Easy Tips for Healthy Boobies

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Don’t worry, this is not an invitation for a bra bonfire party (although we can have one if you want, our boobs might be happier that way). Read the rest of this entry

The Toxic Truth About What’s in Your Child’s Clothing (And Easy Things You Can Do About it)

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My kids have never worn ‘pajamas‘. Let me tell you why. Read the rest of this entry

Got Your Knickers in a Twist Over Your Child’s Playtime? Expectations, Learning and Playing.

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Children see no difference between playing and learning, as long as the learning is fun! ’Fun‘ does not mean things have to be flashy, shiny, loud, expensive or exotic (although they certainly can be). I swear, give a kid a cup and some water and they might play with it for half an hour. This learning while playing thing is not an easy concept for most adults to comprehend because we are so used to making meaning out of an activity. We are used to setting up purpose made activities to encourage a particular outcome. And, often, we feel like every activity must have a purpose, otherwise it’s a waste of time. Adults can get very VERY bent out of shape if our child does not respond well to the task ‘we‘ want them to do. Read the rest of this entry

Is it Really a Good Idea to Distract A Terrified Child?

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Moments after the deluge… after a big cuddle… still plugging her ears.

It had been raining for days and we were getting cabin fever. I saw a break in rain clouds on the radar, and told Margo, 4 years old, to grab her swimsuit so we could dash down to the boat harbor before the next rain squall. But… we weren’t fast enough. Half way through our swim, we had to bolt. We were walking through a wide open field when it started bucketing rain and the wind was nearly horizontal. All I had to protect us was this enormous golf umbrella!

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Dear New Mother, With That Newborn Glued to Your Chest…

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Don’t wish this time away…

My husband took this photo of me almost exactly four years ago… Sigh…

Like so many first time new mothers, my baby and I were a permanent fixture on the living room couch. My butt print was embedded in the upholstery and the outline of my baby’s ear was perpetually pressed onto my chest. I stayed in my pajamas all day. I didn’t even have an iPhone back then to get distracted on! I tiptoed around the house if my newborn would let me put her down for a second, so I could use the toilet and shovel food down my mouth. I was a nervous wreck, but completely in love. Read the rest of this entry

Random Acts of Kindness: One of The Best Things You Can Do With Your Kid

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We had some crazy torrential rain last night. And, this morning, as usual, Margo asked to go to the playground. I knew everything would be soaking wet, but I said “yes” and told her to grab a towel. Read the rest of this entry

Hear Ye! All Babywearing Snobbery Ends Here!

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My first act of babywearing happened out of pure desperation. My first born was about a week old and I didn’t want to put her down, not even for a second… nor did she want me to put her down… But, my husband had gone back to work, and I was left all alone, starving and thirsty on the couch with a baby glued to my chest. (I know that a lot of people out there reading this can relate)

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When Sh*t Falls Apart: Remember, You Are Not the Voices in Your Head

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My kids were bouncing around on the bed tonight, singing ‘Ring Around the Rosie‘. I told Margo (the older one) to stop (for the eighteen millionth time) because the little one is still a toddler and clumsy on her feet. Margo didn’t really listen and I didn’t really have the energy to pull them apart soooo… a minute later, they were crumpled up in a heap on the bed, crying and clutching at their freshly sustained injuries. The little one had a bloody mouth and the big kid had been bashed on the head by some sharp flying body part, like an elbow or chin. Both were hurt and both were crying really hard. Read the rest of this entry