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Why We All Need a Role of Duct Tape in the House: Removes Warts Too!

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Duct Tape Wart Removal

Oh, Duct Tape, You’ve Done it Again!

Duct Tape Wallets, Waterproofing, Wart Removal.  Is there anything Duct Tape can’t do?

Yes, it’s gross, I know, but every few years, I seem to get a stubborn little wart somewhere on my hand.  It usually takes me a few weeks, even months to locate the role of duct tape in the house.  Usually, I can never find and and it can take me months to remember that next time I’m at the store, I need to buy some.  All the while, my little wart friend is sitting there happily until I decide to take some action!  

Warts are caused by a virus and they need oxygen and blood supply to survive.  I used to try to get them burned off with liquid nitrogen stuff at the doctor, or would buy this salicylic acid from the store, but these were rather painful, time consuming and often not effective ways of treating these little guys.  However, if you just stick a piece of duct tape on them and leave the tape for as long a possible, changing only when the tape falls of or gets really yucky, the virus will be suffocated and cannot survive.  In other words, your wart will disappear painlessly. Some people say their wart is gone after only a few days, but I like to leave my duct tape on for longer, possibly up to 3 or 4 weeks for a stubborn one.  Anyway, it’s good conversation piece when people see a piece of duct tape on you.

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  1. We’ve used duct tape to remove planters warts. First my husband did it. Then, when nothing else worked on my daughter, we used it on her’s. I was amazed both times. Duct tape really is something everyone should have around the house.


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