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For the Number Twos: Keep a Box of Matches Near Your Toilet!

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Keet the Matches Near the Toilet!

Matches: A Real Life Saver!

‘Where did  the matches go!!!’ I hear from down the hall at 6:00 in the morning.  Hubby had just done #2 and him being the gentleman that he is, wanted to keep the bathroom smelling nice and fresh for his girls.

Oh, how I WISH I had known about this trick as I was growing up.  As a kid, there were five of us sharing one bathroom.  My mom and I were out numbered by my dad and two brothers.  There was nothing worse than busting to have to go, only to get in to the barthroom and have to breathe through your mouth… you know what I mean?  (Actually, a childhood friend of mine used to say no matter what, she would breathe through her nose because she didn’t want poo particles in her mouth!  HAAA!).  My husband’s Russian grandmother used to always keeps a box of matches in her purse , should she need them, no matter where she should be.

So, why does lighting a match after you go make the poo smell virtually disappear (well, GREATLY reduced)?  There are many theories.  Mythbusters apparently has an episode in which they actually busted the myth that matches eliminate odors. While, another site that I found scientifically explains why the matches work. But, even Margo knows, at  2 years old, that matches after a stinky poo, make the bathroom smell better 🙂  Would love to hear if anyone else out there uses the match trick, because wether we can scientifically prove it or not… if it works… well… isn’t that enough?


Matches: Keeping the bathroom tolerable smelling after a #2

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  1. You can also light and blow out a candle repeatedly for this same effect.

  2. Matches work in my house.We always have a box of matches in the toilet.Never have a problem with odours..

  3. I know this is an older post but that second link now goes to a post about sex toys!


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