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If I Had Married a Prince, I Probably Never Would Have Made This Cool Photo Frame!

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Picture Frame

More dodgy crafting. Happy Birthday Art!

What do you buy for the husband who is the ultimate bargain shopper?  I don’t just mean that Art buys cheap stuff.  He consistently buys the best stuff, but never pays full price for it.  He will search and he will wait and he will drive to far distant planets to get the things he wants for cheaper.  If I dare to buy something that is not on sale, I almost always come home with my tail between my legs… a bargain shopper failure in his eyes!  Maybe it’s because he’s Jewish?  Well, I’m Jewish too, how come I didn’t get the bargain shopper gene too?  He’s a perfectionistic in nearly everything, especially when it comes to shopping.  I always joke around that everything he does has to be so perfect, then he must have picked a perfect wife 🙂

So, no, I can’t buy anything for him for his birthday, it’s a made-from-scratch sort of celebration every year.  Home made gifts, home made cake, etc. Art is a superb photographer, and we have about ten million photos clogging up our hard drive space, so I decided to make him another photo frame and stick some of his other photos up on the walls with a pretty piece of paper behind them.  If I could clean up the house properly, I would have taken a better photo of the photos stuck to the wall, but you will get the idea.  I think for the guy that doesn’t buy anything full price, I did pretty well:


  • 9 cent prints from Big W
  • 1 FREE piece of drift wood from the beach
  • 20 cent paper on clearance from Spotlight
  • A bit of Blue Tac
  • A bit of yarn from the old yarn basket

The other 15 or so photos I put along the wall and they looked like this with different color background paper.

Picture Frame #2

Not bad for a piece of scrapebooking paper and glitter glue…

Then, Margo helped me bake a cake AND do the dishes in her undies:

Margo Helps Do the Dishes

Can you see the spray of water hitting the counter… ahhh.. such a great helper you are, Margo!

Bake a Cake for Art's Birthday

Chocolate Egg-Free cake with Strawberry Icing with Dodgily placed Strawberries. All from scratch, thank you very much.

The cake is a good recipe.  I modify it a bit and take out the egg and put egg- replacer.  Sometimes I use carob powder instead of cocoa and that always comes out yummy!  You can also substitute rice milk or some other milk for the cow’s milk and it comes out just as moist and fluffy.  I’ve even used some coconut oil or something like that to replace the butter if you want to make it vegan.

Now, the cake is in the fridge, both Art and Margo are asleep and we’re all ready for the birthday tomorrow.  I have a feeling Art will be surfing most of the day while I waddle around at the beach and the playground with Margo.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bargain Shopper!

This is the photo frame I made for Art a couple years ago.

Poster Board, Twine and a dowel stick. Dodgy Crafting to the Extreme!

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