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Terrifying Baby Farts and Rumbling Thunderstorms

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Summer time is coming!

Until last night,  we had not seen a drop of rain in weeks.  The weather has been classic Gold Coast winter: cool, dry, sunny, not a cloud in the sky and windy.  Great for getting laundry done…  My awesome herb garden has shriveled up a bit since Goldie was born because Art’s been doing the laundry, and that’s where the veggie patch is… I didn’t even go out on the balcony for a week or so, and then saw my poor dying herbs… they’ll grow again… We’ve been living in this little winter baby bubble.  Art’s still home from work, it’s still August (technically still winter, but nearing the end).  I was telling Art how the whole time I was pregnant, I couldn’t even really think past the winter because the baby was coming.  Well, now the baby’s here, winter is nearly over!  The cool dry weather is going to be replaced by more humid, north wind (really stinks for surfing and swimming for a few months), thunderstorms and longer days.  Christmas time will be here soon and that brings on a certain flavor, now that I’m used to summer = Christmas.  The doors will be permanently open in a few more weeks.  Unless there is horizontal rain, the doors and windows stay open for the next 8 months.  Winter on the Gold Coast is a novelty.  And, I find it a little sad too, time goes so fast… little Goldie is over 2 weeks and is not that ‘newbie’ newborn anymore, she’s already getting a double chin and can stay awake for more than five minutes at a time!

Sorry to be so sentimental, here’s the funny stuff.  Last night around 2 am I heard the first rumbles of thunder for the season.  Goldie was squirming and I knew she was busting to go to the bucket.  Can you believe, at just a little over 2 weeks, this baby won’t settle until I’ve pooped and peed her.  She sticks her nose up at the boob, absolutely will not fully go back to sleep until I take her to the bucket!  So, I got up, took her DRY diaper off and the EXACT SECOND I hovered her little bottom over that bucket, the hugest wee and poo went flying in the bucket.  She was busting so bad to go.  The poo was so loud and explosive, her arms shot up in the air and her eyes popped wide open.  She was so startled by the farty poo, she started crying at the top of her little newborn lungs.  Horrible mother that I am, I was laughing a little at the situation. Poor little babe was so scared by her huge farty poo!  Forget the thunderstorm rumbling, and hail falling on the tin roof, it was the loud explosion from down below that was enough to scare poor little Goldie.

So, I went to put her clean diaper on… oh, wet fart in there, didn’t totally save the diaper, that’s ok, the leaky newborn bottom won’t last forever.  She’s already been dry for the past few nights, only waking when she has to ‘go’ and then for a quick feed.  I can’t believe that I read some American pediatrician quote that says children have no control over their bowels until they are 2, 3 or sometimes 4.  I’m sorry, but that guy needs to meet my 2 week old.  I took Goldie back to bed, gave her boobs, which of course she happily accepted because her bowels and bladder are empty.  She was back out in no time.  Margo slept through the poo explosion, crying and thunderstorm.  I got back up, emptied the bucket, took myself to the toilet and went back to sleep with a big grin on my face.  Summer is coming and the girls were fast asleep.  Art was on the couch, so I happened to have lots of room to sprawl out in bed.  It’s hard to believe it’s already here, but it’s time to start looking past winter now!

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  1. Thank you for blogging Kate, I love it!! Lots of love to you all


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