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The Hilarious Stare-down: Adventures in Tadem feeding

Tandem feeding toddler and a newborn

Whatch-you looking at?

I would have taken a photo of the girls with a boob each in their mouths, but, 1) phone camera was out of reach 2) even if I camera had been in reach, I wouldn’t dare have let go of either one of them to take a photo 3) I don’t want to put photos of my boobs on the internet?  But, this photo sums up the ‘Boobie Stare-down’ that happens when I tandem feed these girls.

The Stare-Down goes like this: I’m feeding them both in the football hold, so their heads are facing each other.  Margo looks at Goldie like: ‘OHHH… MY CUTE BABY SISTER!!!  I WANT TO CRUSH YOU WITH LOVE AND TOUCH YOU AND POKE YOU ALL OVER AND STICK MY FINGERS IN THE SOFT SPOT ON THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD!!!!  Goldie looks at Margo, like ‘Who the hell are you?  I never see you during the day because I’m always cross eyed or asleep, what are you doing sucking on my boobs?’ It’s quite hilarious and I have to try not to laugh too much because my laughing makes them bounce up and down on my tummy, and that bouncing around is not conducive of having a successful tandem feed, which is already awkward enough in these early days.

I only tandem feed them once or twice a day.  Usually, it’s at night, before bed.  Margo only gets it 2 or maybe 3 times a day anyway, and well… Goldie is a newborn, so she has free access all day.  I had not originally planned on feeding them at the same time.  But, it just turns out that it’s easier that way.  Instead of one having to wait for the other, especially around bedtime.  It also relieves Art from having to watch one while the other falls asleep.

Tandem feeding is tricky!  I was talking to my mom about it today and she was like, well, at least Margo can hold her head in place on her own, right?  I was like, ‘Yeah, she can, but I don’t dare let go of her head… she has teeth in her mouth, and if that mouth should start to pull a little…’.  Goldie is still coping with this huge amount of milk, mostly because big sis has been priming the lines.  Goldie’s feeds are so short in comparison (because there’s so much in there!) and often as soon as she gets going, she has to pull off and take a ‘breather’, at that point, everything gets a bit messy, and I think, ‘Oh, how did I forget it again!? where is that wash cloth I brought in the bed because I’m about to spray milk a mile down the street‘.  I think it will get easier once Goldie can start guzzling a bit better.  She’s already getting huge and fat with only having these quick 5 minutes feeds.

I’m glad that I stuck with the breastfeeding through pregnancy.  Even though it can be a bit of a pain sometimes, I know that it’s making this transition of having a new family member, a whole lot easier for everyone!

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  1. Does Margo get jealous of Goldie’s free access? Or are the 2 to 3 feedings for Margo, kinda make her feel more in the loop of things?

    • Sometimes she whines about wanting more boobies, but usually when she’s tired and truly ready for them… A few times in the first few nights she was screaming for boobs in the middle of the night, which she hadn’t done for months, but then would fall back asleep without them. When I was pregnant, one to three times a day was all she could have anyway, low supply and sore nipples. so she’s sort of used to it. The whole while I was pregnant, I was also explaining to her that babies don’t have teeth, they can’t eat, etc. Somehow, she doesn’t mind the free access as much as I thought she would!

  2. Hi I’m just visiting from your post on the attachement parenting on fb. I had to laugh at your post, it was quite similar to the early days with my two little ones. Good on you for continuing to feed, such a beautiful time with a new arrival.

  3. I wish I could nurse my babies at the same time…something about the differences in their sucking patterns and suckling strength drives me absolutely bazooka! Like…I just want to fling them both off my lap and run screaming. It is the weirdest thing! I have to do them one at a time, I rarely do them both at the same time and only when I’m quite engorged and the funky feeling is trumped by the relief of letdown.

    • I’m cracking up, I do get really annoyed too, like I want to pull my poor toddler’s hair out! Especially because the older one has this huge head,,, with teeth that seems to hang down and pull on things. Also, little one is struggling with a massive oversupply, so she’s sputtering and choking. So… yes, I only feed them at the same time probably once at night, if that’s how it goes!

  4. Love that stare down description, haha! I tandem nursed my 3 kids too and at one point was nursing all 3 of them when they were aged 4, 2 and newborn. At times I wanted to bolt away from all those hands and feet but by and large it was a great experience and look back with such tender memories. Yes, tandem nursing is fantastic way to help all the little people bond! It made the transition of having a new baby so much easier on everyone.

    • Haha, yes, sometimes I feel like running out of the room screaming when the two year old is asking for it!!! Good to know someone else survived it, and with 3! Wow! Well done you!


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