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Used Toilet Paper Rolls: Get New Life!

Toilet Paper Rolls Toddler Craft

Cheesy posed smile!

Save those old toilet paper and paper towel rolls!  You can also use the cardboard rolls from the inside of cling wrap, garbage bag rolls, etc.  Make them into cool shapes: star, circle (no thought needed here), butterfly (failed attempt at a star), crescent moon, etc. Add with a bit of paint, blank piece of paper and a toddler who can’t ever be too busy and there you have it!  Margo also went that extra step and afterwards cut up her paintings with safety scissors… whatever… do what you want, girl!

See the original inspiration here:

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  1. It’s great! You don’t need anything fancy to keep them busy!

  2. I love it! Your daughter is adorable!! Glad you guys enjoyed the craft,….so much fun, right?! My daughter, Ruby, LOVES using her scissors to cut things to shreds too! 🙂

  3. Micah just loves his fabric memory cards! Great stimulation for the brain. What a fab blog Kate:)

    • Hey! So glad he uses them! I was afraid they might have been overlooked with all the other more ‘exciting’ toys around 🙂

      • No no not at all. We love sitting on the mat and flipping and matching them. We love them and even more coz their hand made with love. So special xox

  4. Lol from Diana:)


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