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Elimination Communication on the Fly: Do or Cry

Elimination Communication photoExcuse me, can I use your sink?

Today, I realized that practicing elimination communication (EC) has become deeply engrained in my parental consciousness.  Responding to my little ones when they have to ‘go’ doesn’t require any thought, guessing or mystery.  To most mothers, taking a baby to eliminate, especially a newborn, seems absurd!  Who has the time?  Why would you bother?  Well… since I know they have to go… I just can’t ignore it!  Today was full of EC adventures, but to me, they weren’t really adventures…. they were things that I would do any typical day anyway.  It didn’t occur to me until the end of the day that if a stranger were to see those ECing adventures through my eyes for a few moments,,, well then, we have something to write a blog about!

Swinging, Swinging, Swinging… Mom, I have to Wee!

The circus is coming to town!  It’s coming right down the street, and right next to one of our many playgrounds in walking distance.  So, Margo and I, with Goldie wrapped up on me, walked down the hill to watch them put up the circus tent.  We got  a little sidetracked when I saw the playground… I thought, ‘Well, we’re already out of the house, let’s go!’.  Margo never passes by an opportunity to go to the playground.  So, Margo’s running around playing, and she says, ‘Wee!  Mom, I have to wee!’.  Oh…. man….  I was thinking, didn’t I take you before we left the house?  I used to be pretty on task about always making sure she went before we left the house, but I’m still getting used to getting two kids out of the house now, so I must have forgotten to ask her to go.  Ok, so I had Goldie on my front, who is already weighing something like 11 pounds (5kg) and I’m still feeling sort of out of shape from being pregnant, so didn’t feel like walking to the public toilets and dealing with putting toilet paper on the seat, etc.  At 2 1/2, Margo has been toilet trained since she was 12 months old, and she’s never had an accident whilst out and about.

So.. ‘Margo, why don’t we go wee near that tree, on the grass?’  She usually only likes using a toilet or potty, I hadn’t tried the outdoors elimination for a while.  What can I say, she’s a girly girl!  But, I guess she was feeling game enough and probably had to go badly, so down came the pants!  I picked her up, trying not to squash Goldie, and sort of held her in a squatting position, to avoid getting wee on her pants.  There were plenty of people around, including circus folk.  But, I was thinking, ‘Whatever dudes!  Dogs pee where ever they want!  Surely my 2 year old can too!’

May I Use Your Sink?

EC adventure number two (no pun intended) happened at the Community Child Health Centre where I took Goldie to finally get her weighed (hence the previous mention of her exact weight).  I wanted to get the nurse to check out her belly button and a little rash on her face too.  It’s a free government clinic that has nurses to help with all sorts of questions.  The check-ups are done sort of out in the open, all in one big room.  The place was busy with lots of nervous first time mom’s in there with their little newborns.  They all had their strollers packed in the room too, I might add, and it was a bit crowded!  So, we rock up looking all hippie-esque, scrummy little Goldie fast asleep in the baby back pack, Margo being cute, with her amber beads and some funky outfit she put on herself and me looking a bit disheveled and sweaty because it suddenly got very warm outside.  We waited for about 10 minutes while the midwife helped some of the ladies with questions about breastfeeding and then it was OUR turn to get Goldie weighed and checked out.

Now, Goldie had been asleep in the car and the whole time we had been waiting… the last time I took her to wee was about a half hour before.  I knew that if I had to set her down and took off her diaper to get weighed, she was surely going to do a wee!  So, I gently took off Goldie’s shirt, which I knew would wake her up a little, then, I asked the nurse, ‘Can I please use your sink?  You see,,, I do this thing…’  I didn’t really explain much, I just sort of said I wanted to save my cloth diaper.  Pretty much on cue, I took Goldie’s diaper off, held her over the sink that I had been eyeing up while we were waiting, and… voila, a wee in the sink!  ‘Oh, aren’t you clever!’ said the baby nurse.

I have to say, I got a bit nervous up there on my EC stage.  My heart actually started to beat a bit faster and I was thinking, ‘oh man, these people are going to think I’m nuts!’.   But, I knew Goldie had to pee!  I would have felt even more stupid if I had let her pee in her diaper!  All the other mothers in there were well armed with disposable nappies, baby wipes and strollers, and I had nothing with me except my purse and my toddler!  I couldn’t let her pee in her diaper 1) because she would have been ticked off that I didn’t take her (really, she gets annoyed when she wets herself) 2) I didn’t have anything clean to put her in if she did go!  So, I had to take her!

I don’t think anyone in the waiting room even noticed either… Have you ever heard about the Native Americans and how they couldn’t see the European ships because they had never seen anything like them before?  The ships didn’t even exist in their consciousness.  Well, sometimes, I feel like that’s what doing EC is like.  It’s as if people can’t see what I’m doing!  I swear!  It happens all the time when I’m doing EC in the car!  People will come right up to me and start talking and don’t even see that I’m hanging a baby over a potty!  Seriously, it’s happened many times!

Bedtime… all clear?

The final EC event was tonight, before bed.  A usual bedtime routine for everyone.  Margo fell asleep first.  Goldie was fussing and squirming and taking FOREVER to fall asleep.  So, she fussed and fussed, and finally, as I was falling asleep too, I woke myself up and gathered up enough energy to take her to the bucket and the BIGGEST POO EVER came flying out the second I got her to the potty!  Took her back to bed, and without any effort at all, she was fast asleep in five minutes!  I love EC… no surprises!

All in an EC Day

Nothing special about today in my eyes.  Although, the things I did with my kids probably would have seemed absurd to a passerby. If we lived in some third world country, where they didn’t use diapers, there would be nothing I did today that would have been out of the ordinary.  I will continue doing strange things with my kids, because to me it just seems normal now.  If you saw me holding my newborn over a bucket… what would you think 😉  I’m curious to know if people think I’m just that nuts!

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