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Crafty Colored Rice

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Rice Craft

Drying masterpieces, I hope the birds don’t get to them…

When your 2 1/2 year old wakes you up at 5am and shows no sign of stopping until they take a nap in another 6 or 7 hours… they must be kept busy!  Here’s a really fun activity that has a few steps that you can get your kids involved with all along the way, depending on their age and ability.  Make some colored rice, cut out some pretty shapes, cover the shapes in glue, or mix some glue in some paint for a bit more color, and then sprinkle on the rice.  Margo got so into it!


Uncooked Rice

White Vinegar

Food Coloring (I use the natural, plant derived kind)

Directions: Put half a cup of rice with 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar, and about 5-6 drops of food coloring.  Place flat on a baking sheet and bake on about 160 C, or 320 F until dry, approximately 30 minutes.  Make more if you want to have more rice for more crafty sessions in the future.  Just save in an airtight container.

Instructions for rice making sourced from:

Look at all the fun we had!  Quick, make the colored rice before the baby wakes up!

Making Colored Rice

Go on, poke your fingers in EVERYTHING we make!

Bake the rice and frantically do the dishes and cut out some pretty shapes for the rice to go on… before the baby wakes up!  To cut out the shapes, just fold a piece of paper in half and do some dodgy drawing on half the page and cut it out… even if you can’t draw to save your life, like me, at least your shapes will be symmetrical!

Cute out Shapes

Some pretty shapes

Put your shapes, rice, paint, glue, whatever out on a table for the kid, preferably on the porch, far away from my beige carpet, then race back in the house and grab the baby that just woke up!  Quickly feed baby while toddler is busy so that toddler doesn’t try to jump on you and nibble on the poor baby’s toes!

Painting Shapes and rice

Yikes, did I forget to put a smock on her! Let’s hope washable paint lives up to its name!

Finish feeding baby and see that toddler is finished with their painting, tell toddler to put the hands up in the air and walk SLOWLY to the bath room, with one arm holding the newbie and the other arm hoisting heavy toddler on the stool so that they can wash their hands without getting paint everywhere!

Wash Hands

Put ’em up!

Leave toddler in bathroom to make huge water mess in the sink, spending as much time washing up as they did doing the rice painting.  Meanwhile you put baby in a baby wrap and make a huge fruit salad.  Hear lots of water splashing and occasionally ask if everything is ok.  Come in to amazingly find clean hands, the tap turned off, no puddles on the floor and even a cleaned out paint container!  Wow, is that my kid!?

Washing our hands

Cleaning up is half the fun!

Go to eat fruit salad, but the baby wants to feed again, so sit on your chair and have your toddler bring you fistfuls of fruit that they stuff in your face.  Thanks for sharing, Margo!  No photo of that, I wanted to but, my hands were a bit full 🙂

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