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Hanging Felty Flowers

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Hanging Felt Flowers

Goldie loves these, she ‘coos’ and smiles at them. Doesn’t take much to make my heart melt xoxo

I made these cute little hanging felt flowers and leaves to hang over Goldie’s ‘Potty/Change Table Set-Up’. Her station is right in the middle of the living room, so everyone gets to enjoy the flowers! It’s a pretty simple project, hardly costs anything, and only takes about an hour or two depending on how many flowers and leaves you want to make.


  • A variety of colored felt, you can buy in sheets from the craft or variety store
  • String, I used embroidery string, but any will do
  • Hot glue gun (regular glue will work too, but will add extra time for drying)
  • blue tack to stick to the ceiling, if you live in a place where you can’t put a hook in the ceiling

Directions Making your flowers: Make a pattern so that your flowers are all the same shape. To make a pattern, simply fold a piece of paper in half, then again, then again. (Think snow flake arts and crafts you did when you were a kid.) Draw on the paper a curved line, cut along the line and unfold (um, that’s really hard to explain, did you get it?). If it looks like a dodgy flower, do another one, it’s only paper! Use the patterns to trace on your felt. To make the circle in the center, just use the same flower patter, fold it up again, and this time, make it into a circle… got it? Make leaves in any size or shape you fancy. Hot glue the center of the flower onto the pedals. String your flowers and leaves Tie a knot in the string. Using a needle, poke a hole in your felt flower or leaf. You will probably need a needle with a large eye, if you are using thick thread. In my case, I used two needles, one sharp one to poke the hole in the felt, then came in through the same hole with another needle that had a big eye, but a dull point, with my thread attached. The flower will rest on the the knot. Make sure that your knot is big enough so the felt flower or leaf doesn’t slip through. You may have to double or triple knot. Put flowers and leaves on in any order you wish and stick to the ceiling. Goldie loves it, and so does Margo and Art. Another shot at dodgy DIY crafting from KateSurfs! Baby Mobile hanging felt flowers


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