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One of Those Days: I’m Eating All the Chocolate and NOT Doing the Dishes!

Tandem Baby Wearing

Tandem Baby Wearing, it wasn’t even for fun, it was just one of those days.

I don’t know why today was so crazy.  I have a suspicion that it was because Margo was on her last day of antibiotics.  Her guts are now completely messed up.  If you don’t know already, antibiotics, kill all the flora in your gut, good and bad.  Killing the good flora in your gut screws up your digestion.  Screwing up your digestion makes just about everything else miserable.  Of course, I’ve got her on probiotics, but those will take a while to kick in.  So, she is still miserable.

It’s Sunday, Art works on Sunday, and it always seems like he’s gone forever on Sundays.  I took Margo to the playground down the street in the afternoon, but she tripped on the way down, scrapped her knee and then was TERRIFIED because there were dogs everywhere.  She is all of a sudden terrified of dogs because one too many well meaning dogs have come up to her and tried to lick her.  Art hates when he sees people’s dogs around without a leash, so he always picks her up when he sees one.  I don’t blame him.  I like dogs, but I don’t like when people don’t have them on a leash and they think that everyone wants their animal to come up to them and say hello.  Um, hello, your dog is as big as my toddler, and a little jump will knock her over and she doesn’t want to be licked on the face!  I don’t know… dogs and toddlers don’t mix in mind (stranger’s dogs that is).  So, Margo wanted to go home… too many dogs at the park and she was freaking out.  But then Goldie wanted boobs, so we sat down on a bench, much to Margo’s dismay, she only wanted to go home.  Then she started freaking out again because a flock of ibises (these big stork-like looking birds) started marching towards us looking for food.  Then, I peed Goldie right there in the grass by the bench.  I don’t care, if people’s dogs can pee anywhere they want, so can my baby!  Back, in the baby wrap and off we went.  Of course, Margo tripped again on the way home and scrapped the same knee…  I bought her an ice cream on the way home from the corner store to try and make all a little better, but there was a little ‘hot dog’ dog outside the shop… freak out again!  Eventually, we did eat our ice cream and she was happy for a while.  Probably not too good for her guts, but oh well.

Scared of dogs and ibises, but still managed a smile

Art came home from work and wanted to go surfing!  I gave him grief for about ten minutes about how I was tired, had a headache and was sore from MY surf session the day before, but I could see he was sulking, so I told him to just go and stop his grumping too!  As soon as he left the house, it all got a little crazy.  Margo had something wrong with her butt (from the antibiotics) and was intermittently crying, Goldie was grumpy and also intermittently crying because she just usually gets grumpy around that time of the early evening, I had a headache, dinner was in the middle of cooking and the laundry needed to come in.

So…. I strapped both girls to me, Margo on the back, and Goldie on the front.  Margo was really happy because it meant she could cuddle with me, which she doesn’t normally get to do when I’m holding Goldie.  And, Goldie, well, she is always strapped to me, so she couldn’t care less that she was getting a cuddle because that’s all she knows.  At least it made Goldie stop with the grumping a bit so I could finish dinner and take the laundry in.  I felt a little top-heavy running around doing my errands with both of them strapped to me, but it wasn’t too bad.  I did manage to crush Margo’s leg against the wall at one point (same one that had been double scrapped), but she didn’t complain too much.  Finally, Art came home from his session, and then we was a big help (he is well trained and knows to be a super helper if he leaves me to go surfing).  We somehow put the grumpy girls to bed and then I finally had time to eat my dinner in peace!

We did have some fun moments earlier today, it wasn’t all grump and bumps.  I had Goldie strapped to my back and I did a fun little arts and crafty thing with Margo.  We called it ‘The Man’, even though it was very much dressed like a woman.  Here’s what you do:

  • Have toddler lay on a large piece of butcher’s paper and trace them out.  (This is half the fun).
  • Cut out the ‘man’ and tape to a wall or window
  • Dress your ‘man’ up with either paper clothing you cut off, or the easier route, just give the kid crayons, markers or stickers to decorate your ‘man’.
  • Work up a big sweat, if you’re wearing your infant on your back while doing all of the above.

Put glue on your ‘man’ and let the toddler do the rest.

These are the lips…

It was really fun and now we have this little scary toddler paper doll hanging on the window that freaks you out if you catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of your eye.

After I ate my dinner, Goldie woke up for another round of boobs, just a top off before bed.  I tried to take her to the potty because I couldn’t figure out why she woke back up, I thought maybe she had to pee.  But, she got so ticked off that I tried to take her and started crying bloody murder, so I quickly put her diaper on and stuck the boob in her mouth and she fell asleep.  After she went down again, everyone was asleep, except me, so I walked right past all the dirty dishes and tiptoed to the chocolate stash we have in the cupboard.  Those dishes can sit there for all that I care.  Art woke back up, maybe he’ll do them now, he’s pretty well trained by now.  I’m going to drink my tea, brush my teeth and going to go snuggle with my babies!  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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  1. “it wasn’t all grump and bumps.” I LOVE this line and I think I need to steal it and routinely remind myself to use it! 😀

  2. Holy cow you are super mom!! Kudos to not freaking out 🙂

  3. I so wish you were my neighbor so we could trade grumpy-puss stories in person:)

  4. I love “The Man” I’m going to have to try this when Thing 1 finishes his nap!

  5. This was my day! I have Miss3, Mr 11 months and I babysit another 3yr and a 17month old. Lucky I wear my bubba so when things get crazy I strap him on the front then I have the back for my daughter. The 17month old weighs a lot less than my kids (who are 14 and 16kgs) so I was able to give her a side cuddle when needed. We spent a lot of time outside today 🙂
    Love your blog! I just found it today. I read somewhere that you give tips for starting EC with an older baby. I’m trying to search for the post but haven’t found it yet. If you have a link I’d appreciate it.
    Keep up the good work!


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