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A Jai Gurudev Moment

Nearly there!!!  Now, if I couldn't only get my hand out of my mouth and move this chubby arm, I could roll over!

Nearly there!!! Now, if I couldn’t only get my hand out of my mouth and move this chubby arm, I could roll over!

It was hot and windy today!  Margo was driving me just a little bit crazy.  Nothing major, but just a little tired from a big day, the day before.  And, well, the wind always makes kids nuts. Goldie didn’t want to sleep much because she is just about learn a new skill… Rolling over from her back to her tummy.  She’s soooo close!  But, every time she almost gets to her tummy, that deadweight bottom arm gets in the way, and she doesn’t know how to move it yet!  From what I learned with Margo, once they hit a certain age where they start achieving certain motor skills, like rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, etc.  All they want to do is practice it. Forget sleep!  Normally, I wouldn’t mind and I would just wear her around on me, in a sling as I went around doing my normal house stuff. But, like I said, it was really hot today, so even though I don’t mind, it was sweaty and sticky!

You see, I was getting ready for some people to come over the house in the evening for a breathing/meditation session.  Over ten years ago, I did my first Art of Living course.  Amongst other awesomely cool things on the course, we learned a breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya. Sudarshan Kriya is a practice you can do every day (and I have been doing it every day since I learned it), takes only about 20 minutes and makes a HUGE difference in the quality of your day.  I’m talking HUGE!  Even though you can do it everyday, you can get together in a group, in most big towns and cities and you can find a place that offers weekly follow up sessions.  There you get to do a special long Sudarshan Kriya in a group.  The long Sudarshan Kriya leaves you feeling all squeaky clean and refreshed, ready to go for the rest of the week. Well… for me, since I was pregnant and taking care of a newborn, I didn’t exactly get a chance to do this long Sudarshan Kriya for a loooong time… like over 9 months!  Our local group sort of stopped meeting so frequently during this time and after nearly four months of doing the toddler/baby routine, since Goldie was born, I was sorely missing my weekly long Sudarshan Kriya sessions!

So, I did my best to round  up the troops.  Getting everyone out on a Sunday evening, at the beginning of summer, with Christmas only a few weeks away, to do some breathing and meditation is not an easy task.  But, we gathered a handful of people, set the date, time, place.  We realised it would be easiest to do the breathing at our house, since Art could just take the girls for a walk, while we were breathing.  That would minimize the amount of time I had to be away from Goldie, should she need me (or my boobs for that matter).

What would have normally taken me only a couple hours to get ready for, took me the whole day while caring for two children!  Just had to clean up the place, vacuum, sweep, tidy up, make some food, etc.  All with a sweaty baby on me!  Ok, I’ll confess, I even mopped the floor the day before, because I knew I would be running out of time. Like I said, Margo was driving me nuts, Goldie wasn’t sleepy and I was sweating like crazy!  Art was at work, so he couldn’t really help me to get ready until just an hour before the people were coming over.  But, anyway…  with much exhaustion and frustration, got the house extra cleaned up (really, I just like any excuse to clean the house), cooked some vegetarian food for after the session and perfectly timed Goldie’s feed to within a few minutes of when everyone arrived.

Everyone gets there and Maria, who came to lead the session, is playing with the cassette player (yes, cassette player), before the session… you need a cassette player for it.  And… the volume control dial broke!  BROKEN!  Out of service.  Not in commission!  I took one look at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s picture (founder of the Art of Living Foundation), which I have sitting on a table in our living room.  And said in my head, in my most complaining mind ‘Oh…. come on… really!!!!’.  But… hmmm… I’ve been in these  type of situations before, I knew somehow, someway, it was going to work out, and if it didn’t well, then what can you do?!  Luckily Art used to be an electrical engineer student.  ‘ART!!!! ‘, I yelled, ‘HELP!  FIX IT!!!!’.  So, out came the tool box, and within minutes, he had the thing fixed and we got to do our totally awesome breathing and meditation session.  After the session, I opened my eyes and felt like a new woman!  SUPER MOMMY!  Woohoo!  Lots of energy, patience, love, all those good virtues that you need when dealing with children (ok, or when dealing with anyone).  Art took the girls out to the playground while we did our meditation and when he came back with them, they were happy, not even missing me at all.  We all ate the food.  I even made so much that I won’t have to cook tomorrow!  Score!

There is a saying that many people use who have done Art of Living courses: ‘Jai Gurudev‘.  Means something like, ‘victory to the big mind’. If you ever go to the Art of Living ashram in India though, ‘Jai Gurudev‘ can also mean, ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘excuse me‘, or like I would have used it tonight, ‘THANK GOD!’.  I really need my breathing and meditation session, thank you very much!  And, thank God that Art had fixed that tape player so that we were able to breath after all of those months of missing it!  Thank God the people came to my house, instead of doing something else on a Sunday afternoon, and thank God that the girls weren’t screaming and miserable when they came home from their walk.   There have probably been more serious things that have qualified as ‘Jai Gurudev‘ moments.  But, when all things small and large come together with relative grace and ease (albeit slightly sweaty and irritating in the process)… well, that’s surely a victory to me 🙂

She did take a small nap today... in her sleep fortress!

Margo did take a small nap today… in her sleep fortress!

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  1. Aaugh! I love chubby babies 🙂 I’m going to look into this form of meditation. Thanks for the info!

    • So glad you read this! I was reading one of your blogs that talked about how you were very tired and could not sleep and I tried to put a comment about meditation, but my phone got all wonky, and I couldn’t post the comment. It’s really a life saver! (I love chubby babies so much, can’t keep my hands off the rolls!).

      • Oh yes, their thighs are the greatest for squishing and their cheeks for kissing, I cannot get enough 😉

        I’ve done yoga for years and I love it, but I haven’t been able to find the time since my life turned upside down back in May (I know, I could just do a pose or two, or devote 20 minutes to it, but I am finding it impossible these day).

        I also got a book on tape “The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation” which helped slightly (I was too busy to listen to it and I had to return it after renewing it three times…sigh).

        My daughters have recently been introduced to meditation (guided exercises on CD and/or read by me from a meditation book designed specially for kids), and it’s very helpful for my five year old. My three year old doesn’t take as easily to it. We do it sometimes when they’re at play-therapy and I try my hardest to do it for them at home. They also LOVE yoga (especially when I’m doing it alongside them).

        Sorry, this reply is turning into a novel, lol. Anyway, I just wanted to say, YES. I think meditation is amazing and I just…wish I could start scheduling it in or…something to make me do it. I need to make it a habit. Ugh! I think that if I had a group to attend for it I would be more committed to doing it. Then again, I have no time for a group, and that routine would be broken soon, as baby is almost due! *Internal screaming*

      • From my experience, it’s nice to learn meditation from a teacher. Also, good to do one that you can occasionally get together in a group, like you said, hard to self motivate! Maybe, once that ‘newbie’ gets a bit older you can look for a class. I just had a look, the Art of Living foundation, like the one I mentioned in the blog, offers free on-line guided meditations! How cool! Might be something you can do after the girls go to bed 🙂

      • You.Are.Awesome 🙂

        Thank you!!!

      • No worries! Let me know if you try those meditations and if you like them!

  2. My son’s Kindergarten teacher leads a very natural life and even though she covers the basics of ABC’s, counting and reading she goes out of her way to teach the kids about healthy living. Not only does she explain to them the importance of eating fruit and veggies but she brings things in from her own garden and she lets them make soup by using a hot plate in her room! And….every day after rest time….they do breathing and meditation! I think it is so cool!

    • That is sooo awesome! I truly believe that no education is complete unless children are also taught how to deal with their emotions and how to deal with their mind, body and stress. And, I’m a school teacher by profession! Your guys are so lucky to have such an awesome teacher for your son! I would do some guided meditations and yoga for my kids sometimes in class (high school). There are Art of Living courses for children as well. In America, the program is actually gaining a lot of popularity in the school systems. My dream would be to have every child familiar with some kind of meditation technique, imagine how peaceful our society would be!


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