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12.12.12: Little Miracles


Now now… I’m not pregnant! This was taken exactly a year ago today… The day I found out I was pregnant 12.12.11

How does it happen?  In exactly one year, how does a little line on a stick turn into this!

Goldie Doodle, she just can't stop rolling!  12.12.12

Goldie Doodle, she just can’t stop rolling, new skill as of the past few days, she’s moving so fast, I can’t even take her picture! 12.12.12

Honestly!  I’m sure it’s a miracle.  I’m sure that there are at least 7 billion some odd miracles wandering around on our planet.  I just can’t help but marvel at the intelligence behind the design of the human body.  No machine, no factory, no person could ever ‘make’ a person.  Ok, Frankenstein…  It’s something to sit and be in awe over for a while.  It’s hard to remember that every person; grumpy, old, sick, young, happy, sad, mad or whatever, was once nothing.  And, once they were ‘something’, then their body was this spec of cells!  Every person!  Come on, think of the MOST ANNOYING person you know.. even they were once an innocent little spec in somebody’s tummy that turned into a cute and innocent little baby…How does it all happen?  How does it all come to be?  I’m sure science can’t fully explain it.  They can DESCRIBE what happens.  How the body parts work together, how the complex chemical reactions occur and how the body communicates and transport nutrients, data, blood, oxygen, etc.  But, really,,, how does it happen?  Dig deep on that one 😉

It all makes sense when you read a biology book… sex cells have genetic information, meiosis (who remembers their biology now, says the science teacher), cells replicate and multiply, come on… remember… mitosis!  Yeah yeah, but really that doesn’t explain how it happens!  How does a little tiny mass of cells have the intelligence to grow into a gurgling, smiling, rolling, chubby little cherubic munchkin in just one year?  How did that little line on a stick turn into my little Goldie… or any line on any stick turn into anyone’s little baby?  Ok, yeah, the scientists know.. right?  They know about genetics!  Ok, yes, genes tell the cells to give you blue eyes, brown hair, freckles, and crooked pinkies…  But… think about it…. who is telling the genes to do that stuff?  Ok, some chemical reactions, but who is telling the chemical reactions to occur.  Hmmm… I can see where science and religion don’t always get along 🙂

I don’t know if there is an answer, and I am quite happy to not know.  I love these little miracles and love pondering their existence.  No matter if you have kids or not, surely, you can see the little miracles inside everyone?  Even if some person is driving you more mad than you’ve even been in your entire life… before we bash them, or judge them or loose our temper, can’t we all just think, ‘Hey, here’s a little miracle, a living person, wow, isn’t that something!’….  And then proceed with the ridicule.  If everyone could just stop and remember for even a split second, that we’re all coming from the same place… the same unexplained, intangible place, there would be a whole lot more compassion in this world.

Happy 12.12.12!

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