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Baby Led Weaning, Lots of Chocolate and Lighten Up a Bit!

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Big sis, helping with the baby led weaning

Big sis, helping with the baby led weaning

The Chocolate…

Art brought home a whole bunch of leftover cheap chocolate tonight, from Target.  I was sort of annoyed because it was almost time for bed when he came home.  And, it wasn’t JUST chocolate, it was all this toy chocolate stuff… think like stuffed toy bumble bee with chocolate eggs inside and Barbie brand plastic egg with candy bracelet…. yeah… I was stoked… (not).  Oh, don’t worry, it wasn’t ‘palm oil chocolate’ for all of those who know about the palm oil industry.

Margo was all excited because she’s always and forever talking about chocolate and of course, she wanted to eat all of it… so instead of just saying, ‘Oh, no, you can only have one piece‘, like I normally do… when she asked me for more, I said, ‘Do you want to get a massive tummy ache?’.  She said, ‘YES, I WANT TO GET A MASSIVE TUMMY ACHE!’. You know, sometimes you just get tired of saying ‘no‘, or even trying to skillfully say ‘no‘.  For example, skillfully saying no would be me saying, ‘You can have one piece now and some more tomorrow‘.  Art was pretty surprised at my response, but I told him that if she couldn’t sleep because she ate too much chocolate, that he could stay up with her because he’s the one who brought home the sugary crap.

Well, she ate a lot!  I’m not sure how many pieces went down the hatch, but it was a lot!  Can you believe though, that she fell asleep fairly soon after, no problems at all?  I don’t know… I guess, maybe she’s just like me… sometimes I just have a late night craving for lots of sweets.  I still seem to sleep ok?

The Baby Led Weaning…

Goldie is 8 months old now and really eating like a vacuum.  She makes these noises like a monkey every time she sees food.  When I’m preparing dinner, she starts squealing and complaining if I don’t give her something to munch on too.  She’s usually in the sling while I cook, so she can see everything I’m doing and I can easily give her a taste.  Since I’m doing baby led weaning with her, I never make her any special baby food mush stuff, she just gets what we’re eating.  Makes it a whole lot easier when I comes down to time management, if you know what I mean.

The hard core baby led weaners (haha, I just said ‘weaners’), would say that in order to do baby led weaning properly, you just put food on a tray and let the baby choose what they want.  You don’t help them eat at all.  They may make an enormous mess, may put the food all over themselves or drop it on the floor, etc, but you’re supposed to let them ‘learn’ to eat by themselves.  Now, I’m a big proponent of letting kids learn on their own, but I also always think, in the back of my mind, ‘What would the cave people have done?’

Would the cave people have let their babies waste precious food?!  No way!  If it’s something that I know that Goldie can eat, like a piece of bread or a piece of fruit or veggies, I give it to her and let her use her own hands.  If it’s something I made that requires a spoon, well, I help her with the spoon.  If it’s little grains of rice and they’re scattered all over her tray, then I smoosh them all up and feed her like a little bird.  If we’re eating something stringy like kale, I chew it up for her and put it in her mouth.  When her big sister plops a big serving of rice and dahl on her tray and it’s too hot, I let her touch it so that she learns what hot means… If big sis also puts a tiny piece of chocolate in her baby sister’s mouth because baby sister crawled over to big sister who was devouring chocolate, did I stop it… um… no!  I probably wouldn’t go and let Goldie eat more than a nibble of chocolate.  But, it’s not fair!  If we’re all eating chocolate, can’t the baby have a little bite too?

Here you go little birdy

Here you go little birdy

The, ‘We all have to lighten up’…

I think it’s really easy to get swept up in concepts and definitions.  It’s really easy for even the most hard core attachment parents, who like to practice baby led weaning and the sorts, to turn into Hover-Craft Parents.  Somehow there is this idea that it is up to us, to ‘guide’ our children to do ALL the right things.  But, that thought is absurd!  I mean, you can guide them, by showing through example, but children also sometimes need to have that ‘real life’ experience to learn about their world.   How many times can I ‘TELL’ Margo that she will get sick if she eats too much chocolate?  Well, tonight, I told her that she would get sick and then I ‘LET’ her get sick.  She totally had a tummy ache afterwards, and we talked about how eating all that chocolate made her body feel yucky.  I even asked her if she wanted one more piece of chocolate?  ‘NO!’, she said!  Haha, look who had to say ‘No’ this time 🙂

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  1. Love this article! I used to talk to he kids about not eating all their treats at once, saving some for another day etc. I still do sometimes. But other times I just let them eat it all up if they want to. What do you really gain if they have 2 weeks worth of chocolate after easter? Why not get it all over and done with?
    Easter Monday, after eating half a ton of chocolate during the day I asked my daughter after dinner whether she wanted any of her favourite cake for dessert that was left over from the day before. She looked at me and said: “Mummy, I think I’ve had more than enough sweets today”
    Oh, and by the way, my kids have always been on their best behaviour on chocolate filled days go figure!

    • That’s so funny! I thought my daughter would be crazy after all that chocolate, but she was even more well ‘behaved’ than ever! I wonder if it’s just because I let her go and eat all her crazy chocolate and just let her be 🙂 we call the Monday after Easter ‘Half Price Chocolate Day’

  2. That’s hysterical… the image of Goldie being fed chocolate by Margo!

    Were there certain foods which you held off giving to your girls until they got a bit older? X

    • I only held off the real ‘no no’ things like honey… and some of the more potent nuts, like walnuts and peanuts. But, almonds and sesame I thought were ok? I think people who include them in their diet are supposed to hold off on things like eggs and fish? I started Margo out slower on grains, like wheat, only because I didn’t want it constipating her or robbing her of other nutrition… but with Goldie, there was just no way. If I don’t give it to her, her big sister does! It’s pretty cute when Margo gives her food. I would rather encourage sharing than tell Margo that she can’t give Goldie certain types of food…

  3. Many Cha Cha Michelle

    This is great. The “rules” about food got changed just as my two were ready to start eating! I’m so bored with labels that make you feel anxious that you might not be doing it right. If your kid is happy and thriving, I reckon you’re doing it right 😉

  4. I found out about baby led weaning by accident when I thought my firstborn was weird because she wouldn’t eat from a spoon! She lived on mandarins for the first couple of months of solids because she could get them in her mouth by herself. I decided it was pretty awesome not having to puree food. But guess what? My 2nd baby is eating like a labrador puppy at almost 5 months and loves having food shoveled into her mouth. I’ll be getting her onto finger food ASAP though.

    I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!!!

    • I think every baby is so different in regards to their food! I find myself feeding my second way more food and helping her eat much more than I did with my first, having done BLW with both. This one easts like a fiend and I just go with my instincts and help her SHOVEL!

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