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Lucky Seattle Residents: Brian Carver Running For City Council

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What a top-notch family!

What a top-notch family!

Why is a stay at home mom, who is living in Australia, writing a political blog about some guy, running for Seattle City Council? I have two young kids, a baby and a 3 year old and I write a parenting blog mostly dedicated to posts on baby poos and baby vomit…. So why do I care about Seattle? I am, in fact, an American citizen, but I grew up in New Jersey… Seattle is pretty far from home.

But, I care about Seattle because what happens in one city (especially a major American city) impacts the rest of the country and ultimately the rest of the world. We’ve all heard of the ripple effect, right? I firmly believe that the people who are chosen to be leaders of ANY society, can absolutely change the globe, just by starting in their city… And, that’s why I’m interested in a city council race happening 10,000 miles away from me.

My kids are sleeping and I want to go join them because my eyes are blurry, but I still have a few words to say about this awesome guy, Brian Carver, who is running for Seattle City Council.

For Starters, Seattle Residents, Already Lucky

I’ve never lived in Seattle, but I have been there a few times, and I think it’s a pretty spectacular part of the planet. Ten… or rather, eleven years ago, to be exact, I spent a summer teaching sailing on Orcas Island, part of the San Juan islands. I was a college student and had always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest, so when I saw the job listed on the internet, I grabbed it. Throughout the summer, myself and a few friends would hop on those huge Washington State Ferries and go to the city to check out the natives and to do a bit of camping/exploring near the base of Mount Rainier. I have also stayed in South Lake Union hotel, and it was such an amazing experience, it’s nice to stay in a hotel as well as go camping as I could get a feel for the industrial side of the city as well as the wildlife and Seattle’s beautiful nature. The whole place, to me, was a bit like a magical fairy land. I mean, I’ve been all over the world, and the natural beauty of that area is pretty much hard to beat…. I also grew up outside of New York City, the city of all cities… but, to me, Seattle seemed really cool and hip. I was also impressed by how clean and progressive the place seemed!

I Know This Guy, Carver!

The year after my stint on Orcas island, I was off teaching sailing in LA. While there, I came across this girl named Jameelah (who is now Brian Carver’s wife)… Fast forward another couple years to 2005, in Canada, and there, I met Brian. Brian and I were on a two week instructor training course together put on by the not-for-profit humanitarian organization, The Art of Living Foundation. Art of Living instructors teach programs that help people from all walks of life to handle their stress and negative emotions through yoga, meditation, powerful breathing techniques, and life skills training. The training was pretty intense… sort of like a spiritual bootcamp! Anyway, for some reason, I always seemed to end up in Brian’s group during the activities, so I got to know him pretty well. The next year, when I returned to Canada to do the second round of the training, Brian was also there, I had a little extra chance to get to know him better. Over the next several years, we would always bump into each other at various events run by the organization. He and his wife were also so well spoken, full of smiles, kind, and overall, had this put-together sort of vibe… which always made me feel welcome in their company.

What Does the City Council Do, Anyway?

In case you’re not too familiar with politics (um, guess who was googling this one a minute ago)… a city council man can have many different roles within a city… But, in a nutshell, they’re responsible for things that would directly impact your daily life most of all! Things like transportation, education, public works, (like water, sewage, garbage removal), neighborhood safety. Also, parks, playgrounds.. all that stuff! Get it!? Actually, when it comes down to it, the person running for your city council might actually have a greater impact on your day- to-day living than say, someone like the President of the United States… really!!!

What Does Brian Carver Stand For?

Lucky Seattle residents have the chance to have someone who does yoga and meditates as your polititican! What a scarcity! A politician who is grounded, has morals and values and peace of mind! I like the sound of that sort of politician. As far as community issues, Brian Carver is looking to improve education, transportation, public safety, and progressive values. (He didn’t tell me this, I checked out his website here). Plus, he’s young and fresh! He’s got a cool wife and a sweet little baby. It’s in his best interest to make sure Seattle becomes a better place for children and families. By the way, Seattleites, I checked out your current city council men and woman… looks like Brian Carver would be a breath of fresh air.

Small Things You Can Do, to be a BIG Help

This all might seem like basic stuff… but, just to understand, in order for someone to win a position with any city council, people have got to hear the name, and they have to see it everywhere. Brian Carver needs to plaster his name across the city of Seattle in order for people to know that he’s running for a city council position. He’s only one man, so he needs many hands to help. The ‘plastering‘ can be physically plastered, like in the form of posters and pickets. Radio, Newspaper and TV are ways to get his name out too. His name and picture also needs to be posted all over social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Some of the plastering of his name can cost money, or may require volunteer work. Brian Carver works a regular 9-5 job, he doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in his pocket to help with the city-wide name spamming that needs to happen. His campaign is very much a grassroots movement, propelled by everyday people… I’m a perfect example, even though I live across a big ocean and I’m just another simpleton stay at home mom who writes blog posts about baby poo and vomit, I can still help spread the word a little. You can help Carver to win this election in lots of ways. You can donate money to him to help with the plastering of his name across the city. You can endorse him, in other words, officially say that you think he’s a top notch guy. You can volunteer your time. And, you can also share posts like these on all your social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Anything you do, big or small, and no matter where you live in the world can be a huge help to get these types of people (like yoga-practicing, grounded, peaceful types), in positions where they can take steps to improve the planet, one city at a time.

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  1. cool, i wish we had time to zoom up there & do a bit of plastering! (in pretty nevada city, fly home tmoz!) will share tho…


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