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Days Like These, So Easily Forgotten: Winter Solstice 2013

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toothless grin

The last of the toothless grin shots

I stuck my finger in Goldie’s mouth today to find not one, but TWO little teeth starting to poke their way through her gums.  One on the top and one on the bottom.  It’s about time, she’s already 10 1/2 months old!  Not that I mind her being a late teether, that means less teeth to brush and less chances of her trying out her new chompers out on my nipple!  For a kid who doesn’t have any teeth, she sure likes to eat a lot.  You see those cookies in the background of the picture?  Well, we baked them together and she helped me devour them, one by one.

Margo was at kindy today, my one and only day alone with the little one.  Art drops and picks off Margo at her school, so that leaves me alone without the car all day with the little one. I actually love being stranded in the house with nothing to do and nowhere to go.  Today was pouring rain all day, so we were extra stranded.  We did manage an afternoon umbrella and gumboots dash to the grocery store (I needed a lemon and some organic chocolate for the cookies) she stayed dry on my back in the baby carrier.. but other than that, we were in the house all day.

When I had Margo in that first year, I think if I had been trapped at home all day, I would have gone a little berserk.  But, not now.  Now, I LOVE being trapped home with a baby!  Such fun!  Such entertainment!  A baby who doesn’t talk, doesn’t walk, wants to be carried and cuddled all day.  She doesn’t want me to leave her side for one second.  When she’s sleeping, she wants me right there next to her so that when she cracks open her eyes, she sees that I’m right there.  If I’m running around our small house doing some cleaning and chores, she wants to come with me, so I strap her on my back in the baby carrier or in a ring sling and she comes with me.  When she’s not on me and doesn’t need anything, she’s happy to cruise.  There’s no need for entertainment.  All I have to do is let her run loose.  We have no gates, no porta-crib things, she can go anywhere she likes.  Since she has a big sister, you can bet that I’m always pulling some small-ish toys out of her mouth, but well, if she finds some food on the floor, like a stale pretzel, I don’t pull that out… I feel bad, she worked hard for that!

When I’m cooking food, she’s climbing up my leg and I pick her up, then she wants down.  Up. Down. Up. Down.  She wants to explore, but then needs me to pick her up for a minute, check in, and then wants to keep going.  She grabs a quick cuddle, nuzzles her head into my chest, does this funny suck on my chest (like hey mom, I just need to taste you) peaks at what I’m doing and then wants back down… Too much to be done; crawling and pulling up and getting into things!

It was so rainy, dark and cold today… the winter solstice, shortest day of the year too!  It made Goldie sooooo sleepy.  I was in heaven.  We were giggling and being silly all day, tickling and playing peek-a-boo (babies love a good joke).  We were waving and clapping and cleaning and dancing all day.  I was really able to tune into Goldie today, since it was just us.  We do elimination communication, and I caught almost everything in her potty, or the sink.  She went almost the whole day without wearing a nappy. Her first sleep was long and I sat in the room and did my yoga and meditation.  The second nap she took, I crashed with her and we snuggled together, warm, under the blankets for a good hour and a half.

When Margo came home from kindy, she was her usual bubbly, talking-a-mile-a-minute self.  But, also borderline ready to have breakdown because she was exhausted and starving.  I quickly got us all in the shower/bucket bath system we have set up (we don’t have a tub, but rather this open Asian-style shower room) and we all got dressed.  Then, we shoveled some stir fry dinner down the hatches, plus the remaining oatmeal/chocolate chip/raisin/coconut/nut cookies that I made (gosh they were yummy).  Goldie was becoming exhausted… she never makes it quite past 7pm without very obviously telling me that she’s ready for bed.  She was out like a light in the bed, then I came back into the living room to give Margo some boobies on the chair.  I really like giving Margo just a few minutes of alone time after Goldie goes to sleep.  It seems like other than those few minutes, she almost never gets mommy to herself.  We had a little chat:

She said, ‘Mommy, I love you‘.

I said, ‘I love you too‘.

Then she said, ‘No, no, no, I mean, You love me and I love your boobies’.


Then she saw me smile and said, ‘Mommy, you’re a sweetie pie‘… (she knew that I was just about to say it to her, so she beat me to it).

Margo was on the boob, and I was flipping through a magazine and not paying the slightest attention to her, and when I looked down, she was fast asleep from a boob induced coma.  Oh, those three year old sleepy cuddles are so special and rare these days, I didn’t have the heart to move her, even though my arm was about to fall off.  Goldie started squawking in the bedroom and I sent Art to go in, instead of me and he laid down with her until she fell asleep.  I just didn’t have the heart to move Margo just yet… it was too cute.

There was nothing special about today other than that it was just another special day.  Days like these don’t feel special until I think about where I will be in a year, or two or three.  The baby days will be long gone… the three year old will be older and doing more and more crazy and complex things.  Who knows where I’ll be working or what projects I’ll have up my sleeve.  If I think of my life up until this point, it’s like I just woke up from a dream and all of a sudden, I’m 30 years old, married and have two kids… I know that one day I’ll be looking back at days like today and thinking how they too, feel like a dream.  It makes me all sniffly and sad… but I suspect that I shouldn’t be sad to have such good memories, there will only be more fun to come 🙂

A rare sleepy cuddle with a 3 year old

A rare sleepy cuddle with a 3 year old

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  1. Love your blog. Never been a blog reader, but addicted to yours. I hv lil princess who is two months now. Its like reading my mind when reading your words and feeling my emotions in an aware state. I also wanna wear my baby all day but dont know how to start. Couldn’t find slings to buy online here in India and babe is too small for carrier. Do you think a sling made at home will be safe for her. We both love sleeping together, she on my chest. Want more of this cuddly time.

    • Glad you enjoy! Living in India, you would have some great fabric to choose from! You could certainly make a carrier, or get someone like a seamstress to make one for you! You could try a woven wrap, made from some woven cotton, or even have someone make you a mei tai wrap. Just some thoughts… Does that sound do-able? A woven wrap can be about 4.5 meters long by about 70cm wide of fabric… make sure it’s something natural, like cotton or hemp or linen.. rule of thumb is that you should be able to see the light shining through the fabric when held up to the light.

  2. Aha… Thanks for the reply. I can sew well and will try making one maitei carrier. But are you sure that wearing a baby at only 2 months in such a carrier will be ergonomically ok, I mean for her spine etc? I saw in one of your pictures, you were wearing the baby in simple long cloth by tying around you in folds. Would you suggest I try that and see if my kiddo likes the feel?

    • Babies can be worn from birth 🙂 It’s very good for their ergonomic development, as it supports the C-curve in their spine. So long as they are being worn properly, inwards facing and bum lower than the knees. Yes, the simple long cloth is probably a very easy, versatile, and supportive. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of different types of carriers to use that a friend of mine did on her blog. What you have to do it just choose which type of carrier you want to use first and go for it! You can even start with a shawl 🙂 I have many different carriers, but started with wraps for little ones.

  3. My arms, by holding her body straight (her tummy on mine and legs mostly straight). Shall I not do it, am I doing something wrong?

    • I’m sure what you’re doing is fine! I just meant with the bottom slightly lower than the knees, so the legs are in what’s called a froggy position, or sort of squat. Here is a link with a few correct positions on how to wear a newborn between 0-4 months.


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