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Eat, Sleep, Surf. Repeat. Merry Christmas!


Good waves on Christmas? That’s equal to a surfer’s white Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho!  What a day!  Santa delivered some super fun waves and a beautiful day!  For once, we had very light winds too, normally, no matter what the wind direction is this time of year, it’s all windy and blowy (even when it’s hot).

We even did ‘Santa’!  We’ve never done it.  It was total peer pressure.  Every single person we met in the street for the past month has been talking to Margo about Santa.  Heaven forbid we leave her out of the fun!  We had a tiny little tree, wrapped a few very modest presents (next year, I’ll wrap my presents in fabric, save the trees).  They went crazy opening the few gifts we had.  The house got trashed.

Looks like Santa ate his cookies ;)

The pile of presents was almost as big as the tree

The present unwrapping frenzy (of all 6 presents we wrapped).  When Margo saw the stack of the entire six gifts, she said, “Santa is silly, he left us too many presents!” We really just wrapped anything.  We even wrapped the bonbons and the Christmas lights.  Margo only asked for TWO things for Christmas.  She asked for one of those inflatable swim tubes and for Christmas lights.  That’s it!  Art got her those and then added a kid’s garden kit and two kid’s sized body boards.  One for each.


We ate vegan pancakes for breakfast.



The mini-present unwrapping extravaganza proved to be too much excitement afterall… The aftermath…

After all these presents... it only goes down from here.

After all these presents… it only goes down from here.

Art took the girls to the beach while I had a leisurely session of yoga, breathing and meditation.  Then, as if he didn’t have enough brownie points already, he told me to go surfing when I was finished while he took care of the kids.  What a gem!

The water was warm, the waves were super fun and glassy, and all the surfer were happy once again.  The waves have been pretty wretched for the past week.  I caught so many waves and was totally exhausted.  When I came home, it was Art’s turn to surf.  While he surfed, I cooked, we ate, and afterwards, a huge Christmas sleep bomb went off.  The girls and I had a THREE HOUR NAP together.  Art missed that one big time.  But, oh Hallelujah!  I really needed that… I needed it so that I could do it again in the afternoon all over again!

Eat, sleep, surf, repeat (not in that exact order)


Margo started drawing these crazy things in the sand!


We were at the beach until it was almost dark.  My second session was just as much fun as the first (that hardly ever happens).  My arms are like noodles now.  Leftover lunch was our dinner.

Secretly, what I love so much about Christmas day here, is how everything is so quiet.  All of the shops are closed, but everyone is outside doing stuff.  Everyone is forced to be outside (good thing we had nice weather today).  My family is knackered.  They’re all asleep and I’m about to join them.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day, filled with happy memories, peace and love!


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  1. It was a lovely day and yes so strangely quiet, when we drove up to Tugun to see the lights it was freaky how quiet and dark it was. Can’t believe we didn’t leave the beach until nearly 7! Margo did love the float ring, she told me all about it while the girls were playing in the little rock pool 🙂


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