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I Don’t Feel Like Being Mama

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*Awful poetry alert*

Can I say something here very rude?
Today, just today, I am not in the mood.

How awful I must sound to speak without gratitude…
But, today, just today, I can not deal the attitude.

Today, just today, I’m tired of crumbs and I’m tired of messes. I’m tired of farts and I’m tired of poo!
I want to dive under the covers with nothing else to do.

Today, just today, I cannot break up another fight.
And I’m wondering when I will ever get to sleep soundly at night…

Today, just today, I’m tired of laundry and of stepping on blocks.
I’m tired of teeth brushing and of combing dreaded tangly locks.

Turned up noses at dinner, I could just scream!
They would rather eat plain buttered toast and a bowl of ice cream!

Supermom, by the way, she doesn’t exist.
I’d rather hide in the bathroom and pick at my zits.

Today, just today, even for an hour, I’d love to do nothing at all.
To stare into space, at a screen or even a wall.

I’ll feel different tomorrow.
I’ll smack on a smile, do the damn dishes, cook something new and suck up my sorrow.

I really don’t mean it, but, can I please still complain?
Sometimes it’s nice to clear this crap off your brain.

Today, just today, can I complain about drama.
Because today, just today, I do NOT feel like being mama!

p.s. I freaking love my kids so much that I could cry.



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  1. Perfectly understandable!

  2. We, your readers are your vent Kate. It’s a safe place for you to be honest, to take a deep breath and share once again how we are all human. There is never a doubt that you adore and cherish your family. You are entitled to complain. Now get some rest, claim that hour for yourself and then slap on your infectious smile :-). It’s all part of life’s journey.

  3. Wow, is it full moon or something ?
    Maybe there’s something in the air because I’m also having one of those days !
    I usually snap out of it quite quickly but today I can’t. My poor child has never seen me like this and hopefully won’t ever again. No patience, no fun and a million things to do but not things I can do with him !
    Great poem. Respect to all mamas 🙂

  4. You are a great blog writer, and a good poet too. What a coincidence, I was telling fellow mama’s today that I wanna 2 day leave from “being mommy” coz am so drained out. But even after much deliberation couldn’t find a soul whom my heart can entrust my swettheart. So go on……..being a mommy is a full time job, dreams included.

  5. Oh, I did not know you are a poet!! One more plus to many other talents))

  6. Who are you kidding Kate, you are definitely a super mum!! Those girls are as lucky to have you, as you are to have them 🙂 plus it is an almost certain fact that superhero’s take days off


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