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Get Some ‘Green’ Sleep on a Buckwheat Pillow

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Have you ever thought about your pillow? Pillows that you buy from most stores are filled with synthetic polyester or polyurethane (unless they are down pillows). They might be advertised ‘anti-allergenic‘ or ‘anti-dust mites‘, which sounds all great, but that usually means that the pillow has been treated with chemicals to make it that way! Synthetic pillows are also treated with boric acid, which makes certain that the pillow passes flame retardant tests. Ewww… I hate the idea that my head (or any other person’s head in my family) would spend upwards of 8 hours a night with the most important part of their body resting on something treated with chemicals known to kill mold, dust mites and prevent flame! Do you see what I’m saying?! There is a natural and affordable alternative!

Not Only Healthier but Super Comfy Too!
I first discovered buckwheat filled pillows about ten years ago, when I was living in America. When I came to Australia, my original buckwheat pillow didn’t fit in my suitcase (sigh) and in my hurry to settle down, I bought a ‘regular‘ pillow from Kmart or something. It was so bloody uncomfortable, I had to hunt down a buckwheat pillow straight away. The thing about buckwheat pillows is that you can squish them around in a million different ways to fit your neck and head perfectly. A conventional pillow you can fold and squash, but I could never really supported my neck where I needed it. I even loved using my buckwheat pillow as a breastfeeding pillow. I had a purpose bought breastfeeding pillow, but I almost always used my buckwheat one because it supported my baby’s body in the most perfect and comfortable way.


Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
Polyester fill comes from a petroleum product. In other words, to get that pillow, first oil had to be drilled, refined, processed, chemically treated, then transported. Such a huge production for a tiny  little pillow! Then, after a few years, you have a throw it away, where it will sit in a land fill for probably a thousand years before disintegrating. The buckwheat pillows I recently got for my family, are from Buckwheat Enterprise, made in Australia, using buckwheat grown in Australia. If you live in a different country, just google buckwheat pillow and you can find out where to get one more locally. The buckwheat is farmed using sustainable practices. And, when you one day have to throw your pillow away, since it’s made from a natural fibre, the disposal is much more environmentally friendly. The carbon footprint of buying a buckwheat pillow is far less than buying a polyester filled pillow. You can read more about how they make their pillows here.


(please excuse unvaccumed rug)

They Make a Tiny Bit of Noise
Buckwheat pillows do make a bit of noise when you squish them around and change position, but after a little while, you don’t even notice it. The noise is equivalent to you running your hand through rice in a cloth bag of rice… or something like that. It’s a very quiet, soft rustle. We all sleep in a big family bed and nobody ever gets disturbed by the tiny amount of noise that the pillows make.

Care Instructions
Buckwheat pillows have a lifespan of about ten years. I can vouch for one of mine, because it’s about 6 years old and is showing no signs of dying anytime soon. Whereas, in that same amount of time, my husband has gone through about 4 or 5 ‘conventional‘ pillows, because they’ve either gotten too moldy, dirty or lumpy.  (He now has a buckwheat pillow),  If you suspect that your buckwheat pillow has mites or mold, you can put in full sun outside, or in the freezer! To wash, you simply unzip the cover, dump the buckwheat hulls in a bucket, wash and dry the cover and then put the buckwheat back in.

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  1. excited! i’m totally gonna take them up on that offer 🙂 cheers!

  2. Very interesting! My hubby and I recently switched to wool pillows from a farm in NSW which are fantastic, but they do go a little flat if you don’t fluff them. Great thing is, like the buckwheat, you can chuck it out in the sun to give it a clean.

    • Oh cool, I’ve heard about wool mattresses, but not wool pillows. I also find that wool had a particular smell… do the wool pillows smell too?


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