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You Should Feel Sorry For Opinionated-Know-It-All People

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I did it again today. I pissed someone off on some Facebook parenting debate. It was a total accident and I was only expressing my honest opinion.

You know who Opinionated-Know-It-All People are, right? The people who think they know everything… Wait, no… the people who KNOW they know everything. Yes, that can sometimes be me. Of course, I don’t know everything, but I’ve researched and studied and experienced a lot of things and I have a strong opinion (that is of course always changing)… So, when I see something that just isn’t right, or that something is causing some harm to someone out there, or if someone is making an uneducated decision…. what do I do? I pipe up. I SAY something. I can’t keep my mouth shut! It’s a problem, I know. Sometimes people love what I say and sometimes people HATE it! Like, hate hate hate it!

So, why can’t I keep my mouth shut? Just ask any other Opinionated-Know-It-All-People. It’s this wave of adrenaline that starts in your guts. You. Must. Say. Something. This insane, unstoppable rush and you can’t keep a lid on it! Now, over the years, I hope and pray that people like myself learn to deliever their Opinionated-Know-It-All-isms in a more skillful way (you know, so you don’t annoy the crap out of every person you know). I’ve also learned the humbling lesson that all opinions are always changing, so that I should never take mine (or anyone else’s) too seriously. But, sometimes, man, even the most skillful and the most in-tune of us Opinionated People slip up. Sometimes we end up offending people. It’s our job.

We don’t MEAN to offend people. We’re merely stating our informed and honest opinion. And,,, sometimes, that opinion just doesn’t sit well with people.

Do we feel sorry when we offend people. Hell yes! Opinionated-Know-It-Alls are some of the most sensitive people out there, that’s how we got this way in the first place! When I get into trouble for something I’ve said, my stomach does a big flip, “Oops, I did it again, pissing people off, I’ll try better next time to say it in a better way.

I try to say things nicely, but sometimes my potent opinionated feelings get too much in the way. Sorry! That, combined with lack of sleep and distractions from having two small children, well, yeah, I’m always bound to verbally vomit something that I later regret. When I write something on the internet, it’s even worse, because people I have absolutely minimal connection with are reading my words with hardly any context or tone of voice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written something and later on thought, “Shit shit shit, I didn’t mean for it to sound like that!!“. Social media is the queen of creating drama.

So, anyway, for all the offended people, past, present and future, here is a formal apology from an Opinionated-Know-It-All. I mean, really everyone should feel sorry for people like us because we worry, we analyze and we contemplate way more than we should. We stress out when we see something unfair or unjust. But really, we just need a hug and for everyone to tell us that we’re fighting a good cause… That maybe…if only we could rephrase the way we say it…. then maybe it would come across better. And that maybe, just maybe, we need to be reminded that our opinion is something that is always changing and that we should lighten up. (But, remind us nicely, or we’ll bite your head off).

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  1. None of us are perfect and not everyone will ever agree with every last thing any one has to say, but you are speaking up for the right reasons and do so with love in your heart. That is obvious. Big hugs to you, you’re doing the right thing 🙂

    • Aw, thank you. You really know how to make us opinionated people feel nice 😉

      • Thank goodness for opinionated people. The world would be boring if we all agreed. AND dissent breeds progress and thinking, to agree with everything is to be a sheep and I for one do not like BAAAAAAING.
        Love your work and dont agree with everything you say. If I did I wouldnt read your blog cause it would be pretty boring if it just echoed the voice in my head.

  2. You will never be able to please everyone, Kate. Why? Because everyone expects something different of you! So there’s no point in even trying! You speak from the heart & that’s all that matters. When someone has a problem with what you’ve said, the issue lies within them, not you. xx

  3. “It’s this wave of adrenaline that starts in your guts. You. Must. Say. Something. This insane, unstoppable rush and you can’t keep a lid on it! ” – It s Pitta+Vata — HOORAY ))))

  4. Are you taking responsibility for other people’s emotions? That is a huge load.

    • I think there is a difference between I think I know and I know I know. You should feel proud for being able to express your opinion. If people like you shut up, others will be led by the opinion most comfortable with the market and business. IMO 🙂


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