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The Funny Things About Getting Sick


Have you ever gazed at the scratches on your mug in dumbfounded wonder and taken the time to imagine how they would have gotten there over the years? Have you ever acknowledged the brand name of the ceiling fan in your bathroom for the first time in four years and wondered why you never noticed it before? Have you ever stared at a wall for at least five minutes, without even once thinking it’s about time to move? I mean, when do we ever stop and notice that stuff? Well, that was me and my family for the past few days. Sick with a flu, and not just any flu. Like, worst flu ever flu. All at the same time. Like, even our doctor gave us a sympathetic, “You poor things.” When he saw the state we were in.

It’s so interesting to watch the mind when you get sick. The general trend of things goes like this:

1. Mind in denial… I’m not getting sick. I’m not getting sick. Shit… I’m getting sick! I’m going to fight this with ginger, lemon and honey!

2. Mind in denial… I won’t be sick for long. I won’t be sick for long. I’ll be right back to doing what I usually do in a day or two. Wait… am I getting my period too?! On top of the flu?! COME ON MAN! The ginger, lemon, honey isn’t wooooorking! Try the vitamin C and zinc… that’s not working eeeeeither!

3. Mind in denial… Three days later. The house is a mess. The kids are eating sugary cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dirt on the balcony, that I wanted to clean up days ago, is still there. The kids want to play with baking soda and vinegar to make volcanoes, where did they get this energy spurt from, and I don’t care if they trash the house. The dishes are a mile high. The laundry needs to be done.

4. Mind starts to accept… I’ll clean when I’m better. The kids won’t eat sugary cereal forever, here have some dry toast instead. They eat the dry toast in bed and get crumbs in the sheets (whatever). The dirt and the crumbs will get cleaned eventually, as will the dishes. The baking soda handprints on my daughter’s butt makes a cute picture. I can wear the same dirty pants three days in a row.

5. Mind starts to accept, goes into action… Ginger, lemon, honey, oil pulling, vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, oil massage, hot shower, rest, panadol (gasp, something I rarely take). Repeat.

6. Mind in acceptance… then all you have to do is relax and enjoy being sick.

Being sick doesn’t sound like anything enjoyable. The enjoyable part comes in small increments. You start to be able to do small things… Like, pick up that lego that was lying around on the floor for two days…. Like, wash the 8 million tea cups and 7 billion spoons (finally). And, then, you have enough energy to hang a load of laundry out and you’re all like, “YES!!!! Accomplishment!!!

If we were only ever healthy, we would never know our health. It’s nice sometimes to be sick and remind ourselves how important good health can be. We were all run down and tired over the past few months, so it’s no wonder we got slammed by this flu (I hope my husband doesn’t read this yet, he may not find the humor since he’s still in the the thick of it). Being sick with something like the flu, is such a good reminder to take better care of ourselves and to really rest when we need it. It’s also such an almighty cleanse!

There was something so sweet about being trapped in the house all together for days on end. In between sharp shooting pains in the body, sneezing, coughing and near-fainting, my husband and I kept commenting on how nice it was to just sit around and be with the kids. Watching them and noticing how CUTE and amazing they are (even when they were sick), without having to hurry up and rush around. Although, to add to that, the days were painfully long. What seemed like an hour was only a few minutes. No, this was not going away in a hurry, and that was just all part of the fun. Now, hopefully, the cement snot in my sinuses will clear so I can sleep tonight… I’m still not better, but getting there. Best of health to you!

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