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A Child’s Intuition: However Powerful as We Listen


The kids and I had been running around all morning and when we finally got home, I collapsed in a heap on the couch. Straight away, Margo, 4 1/2 came crashing over to me, jumped on my lap and said, “Can we go to the beach?”

She did have a good idea. It was boiling hot at home. We had already eaten and we didn’t have anything else to do. However, the thought of leaving the house again was not at all appealing to me. I rolled my eyes. I was grumpy. I was tired. I didn’t want to go. I said, “Well….why don’t we go later?” A friend of ours had said she wanted to meet us there that afternoon anyway. Margo said, “No! We need to go now!” As I was trying to string together my argument for going later, she ran into the bedroom, with her sister, and they both put on their swimsuits. I groaned and peeled my self off the couch to get ready for the beach.

It wasn’t just the beach that Margo wanted to go to, it was this protected lagoon that had been forming every day at low tide. A gigantic ocean water swimming pool that was a perfect depth for the little ones and no waves to worry about. We got there and the conditions were perfect. I jumped in and felt the cool water slap my body and I let out a big sigh of relief. It had been so hot and I had been in such a foul mood. We splashed and played for about half an hour. I looked up and suddenly saw some dark clouds rolling in. We decided to head home. Three hours later, the time when we were ‘supposed‘ to have gone, as in, when *I* had wanted to go, the girls were fast asleep and a massive thunder storm was raging. I couldn’t believe how perfect our timing had been, and it was all thanks to a little person, not much taller than my belly button.

I cannot tell you how many times my girls have been in tune like that. Countless times. They remember things that I forget. They find things that I’ve lost. They see things that I don’t see. They want to go places and do things that I feel like I don’t want to do. And, when I end up doing those things, I almost always end up having a fantastic time. While they’re tapping into their zen, I’m busy thinking and worry about ‘adult‘ things. They’re so plugged in, directly to the source!

From birth, a child’s mind is naturally so pure, so uninhibited, so free from thoughts and garbage and day-to-day stress. How clear does a child’s mind have to be in order to learn things at the rate of which they do? If an adult learned as many things as a child did in one day, then ever person in the world would be a genius. Whatever you want to call it, young kids have a direct line to God/the Universe/Spirit. Think of how many less years they have of being bogged down by conditioned responses, or schedules or artificial limitations, or fears.

I can’t always drop everything and do what my kids want to do. There’s no way! But, if I can, in any possible way, listen to what they want to do and to give them as much opportunity to guide the day as I can, then I’m almost 100% guaranteed that we’re going to have a magnificent time. I used to hate when some of my unschooler friends would say, “Let the kids be the teachers.” I used to think that adults were the only one who could instill knowledge into a little brain. But now I get what they’re saying. I listen to my children more and more these days. They have as much to offer as I do, and probably even more because their mind is not clouded by thoughts and drama. If I follow the rhythm of their day, it’s almost always far more in sync with nature than mine is. Doing what my kids want to do is almost always way more fun too! And having fun is something I’ve really come to appreciate over the years.

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