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What My Five Year Old Really Thinks About Gay Pride

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I was hanging out the laundry on the balcony, when I overheard my five year old ask my husband why we were so excited over everyone’s rainbow profile pictures (from Facebook). He gave her some explanation and used our friends, David and Andrew, as an example.

I can’t remember exactly how my husband explained it, but it totally made me giggle, because she just sat there with a blank face. My daughter said nothing. She made almost zero reaction to the thing that we were so excited about. Then she bounced out to the balcony to ask me when we could see David and Andrew next.

She’s known them ever since she was a baby. She’s as smart as a tack, and she’s never once asked me why they didn’t have a girl living with them, or if they love each other or if they’re normal or if they’re going to have kids. She’s never mentioned an ‘agenda‘ or how they’re insulting all the ‘good‘ religious people in the world.

She doesn’t even care. In fact, if I told her I was writing a whole blog post on this, she’d probably wonder why I have to spend my time explaining something so simple.

David and Andrew are two big furry men with beards who live together and they’re fun and they’re silly and they speak to her like she’s a real human being and she loves them. She loves them so much that it’s almost annoying because every time we drive by their old house she screams their names and asks when we can see them next. Of course, David and Andrew are busy working and living life, buying a new house, hanging out with cool people, traveling, etc. so we don’t get to see them as much as she would like.

She’s written them like 800 letters, um… hardly any of which I’ve delivered (sorry David and Andrew), because, in fact, I have a whole stack of letters from her that she’s written to EVERYONE that I haven’t delivered…

To see it through the eyes of a child is really beautiful. There’s no judgement. No categorizing. No embarrassment or shame. There’s not even a reason to celebrate the rainbow profile pictures because to her, it’s completely stupid for anyone not to accept them, or anyone, the way they are in the first place.

At first, I didn’t think writing about this was important, but then I learned that this rainbow stuff has really offended some people. Like really really pissed them off. I feel so sad about that… Children are intelligent and us adults have a lot to learn from them. They tell it like it is. Seriously, have you every hung around a 5 year old for a while? They’ll tell you exactly what they think, with zero filter. And, if she thinks David and Andrew are alright, then maybe some of us have something to learn from her?

(The photo is when my daughter was 2, how cute!)

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  1. Keep Spread the Rainbow Kate. We can never have to much Love.

  2. She thinks they are just friends that hang out and live together. Thats it simple

  3. You do not need to think love, you just feel it! Kids are amazing when it comes to love. For them love is a feeling not a theme or equation that needs to be think about. I do have a 5 years old so I do know how freely and liberating is their way of feeling love.


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