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Something Must Happen When They Turn 4

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imageIt happened with my older daughter and again, as the younger one reached the same age. It was like angels singing one day. Suddenly,┬ásomething changed and when I stopped to think about what it was, I remembered, “Oh, they turned 4!”

Not that my kids have been overly difficult at 3 (I know, threenager is nothing to laugh about), but I definitely noticed a huge shift around 4. More reasonable. More cooperative. More able to cope with stimulation. More confidence. Need to be carried less/can walk father. Less baby-ish and more like a “kid”.

I’ve asked a lot of mothers about this, and many of them have confirmed my observations: something big happens at 4. Four isn’t really considered significant in terms of ‘categories’ for children’s ages. Technically, 4 is somewhere in the middle of preschool age, but I see 4 as a big milestone.

It just seems that at 4, things get ‘easier’. Of course, easier in some ways. Pysically easier, while the other types of emotional and mental demands sort of increase! But, a big change nonetheless.

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  1. Great observation! my son, a friend of mine and I just did a day trip to the beach that went super smoothly. My friend pointed out that my son is old enough to be part of the solution. He helped carry our stuff from the boardwalk, (ok it was only his chair but it was helping), he followed directions, he could understand the rules around water etc.

  2. Thanks! katesurfs, you shared quality turned 4


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