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Clean As You Go People… I Can Never Be Like You

imageMy husband can’t understand the disaster zone I create after every meal. To start, I DO clean as I go. A little. Trust me, you would see the difference if I didn’t tidy a few things while I cook.

Let me help you understand. Have you ever seen a toddler in the middle of his imaginary play stop what he was doing to pack away?


Would you stop in the middle of your run to take a shower because you’re sweaty?


You would logically wait until the activity is over.

Can’t you see that I’m CREATING something?! Something that you will eat and something that will be exposed to your judgement?!

One simply does not stop to ‘tidy up‘ whilst cooking. Cleaning up while cooking, to me, is like getting stuck in traffic.

Plus, I’m probably starving, and for all I know, YOU might be starving too! I don’t want you to starve to death just for the sake of cleaning while I go. I’m a Jewish mother, my DNA requires me to worry that your tummy should be full before you even know that you’re hungry.

Also, it’s almost garunteed that I will barely have enough time to cook before some small child needs my attention. The eating part has to happen in a timely fashion. The cleaning part can wait.

After the meal, then we can clean. Anyway, isn’t the person who cooked not supposed to clean? (Ahem) Ok, that doesn’t always work in our house. My precious family runs away from the kitchen table as soon as they eat their last bite. I have to remind them every stinking time to at least put their bowls near the sink (the kids are still little, ok). Then, I usually end up cleaning anyway (we don’t have a dishwasher *yet*). An hour later, I look in the kitchen and think, “Wow, who cleaned up?” One hundred percent forgetting that it was actually I who cleaned. Seriously, that happens to me a lot. #babybrain So, either way, I do end up cleaning, and I’d much rather do it after my belly is full.

Anyway, I know YOU can clean as you go, you have some special quality that allows you to stop and go, dividing your attention between creating and maintenance. But, I don’t posses that trait. I’ve thought about it… I’ve TRIED it… I really have! But… I just cannot..

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  1. More importantly: that meal looks delish! Recipe share please Kate?

    • You should start a blog, Nachelle!! The food is basmati rice with French lentils on top. The veggies are sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans. I use Ayurvedic spices, so cumin, coriander, curry leaves, tumeric, etc.

  2. I Effing Love this post!!! My sentiments exactly! Mike, see, it’s NORMAL!! I’m lucky that Mike Does often end up cleaning up, mainly because it hasn’t become my topmost priority before he can’t stand it any longer…. oops 😉 I would really LIKE to clean up, because I do it the way I want it done…oh dear, the trials…

  3. I can’t either. I leave it all till nap time then tidy up. Then again until my husband gets home (then he tidies up). He just thinks I swan about all day doing nothing of course. Lol

  4. Hi Kate, I have been following your blog for awhile. I noticed that ads recently have made an appearance. I’m not sure if you are aware of this or have control over the content, but the ads seem to be in conflict with your message. There is a big banner ad for Abreva medication at the top of your homepage and also an ad for Sephora along your sidebar. I know how you natural you are as far as products and remedies and it caught me off guard a bit to see those. There was also a Starbucks ad.

    I know I have recently been on Sephora’s website so maybe there is an algorithim that is generating ads based off of searches but I’m not a Starbucks fan and don’t use Abreva either. Just thought you might like to know since the ads don’t seem to fit with your content and message.

    I enjoy the website and your insights nevertheless. Congrats on the new addition!

    • Thank you! Hm… That’s weird. I do have some control over my ads… Blog her is generally a very reputable ad company, did they seem really spammy? Or were they just in conflict with the a natural lifestyle?

      • Not so much spammy but knowing your blog, the big banner for Abreva caught me off guard right away because it didn’t seem like your style. The ads change everytime I visit but they are all more or less mainstream products that don’t really jive with your message. Sorry to be a downer but just thought you might like to know. Won’t keep me from visiting your page though!

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