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Elimination Communication Four Month Update

Elimination Communication update, for those who are interest in following this part of my journey.

My little guy is four months old and I can safely say that the early months of doing EC have been very similar to doing EC with my two girls. I usually use nappies as a back up (saves the stress in case in case I miss something). I found that right between the 3-4 month mark they will not poo in their nappy anymore. Hooray! This happened with all three kids and it makes using cloth much MUCH easier.

And, do you know how frequently a small baby pees?! Oh man, it’s perpetual. Every twenty minutes or so when they’re awake.

No joke.

But, you get really tuned in to when they have to go. It doesn’t take long, I just quickly hold him over our utility sink, or one of the couple potties I have scattered around the house or the back of the car. It’s much easier in warmer months, as there’s less to take on and off!

He expects me to take him now. He can hold on to it for a little if he knows I’m gong to take him. He won’t go if I’m feeding him. Instead he fusses and kicks and squirms until I take him, and THEN he will feed. For a poo, he can definitely hold it for a while. It’s so sad to think that even most doctors will tell you that children under two years old have no bladder and bowel control… that’s absolutely not true!

If I do miss a pee, he holds very still (it’s really funny), and has this funny look on his face like, “Ummm… guys, can you get this wet crap offa me?!” Even if he pees in a dosposable, he gets annoyed and I have to change him a soon as I can. I can tell when I miss something because he does a little grunt when he pees. I wish I livedĀ in the bush somewhere without carpets, upholstery and clothes that could potentially get peed on, otherwise I would just let my babies go around without a nappy! But alas, I don’t want a mess everywhere, so I do have to use that back up nappy.

Night time EC is pretty much the same as with my girls. He wakes to pee, he never does it in a deep sleep. Since he sleeps right next to me, he generally starts whacking me with his little fist until I wake up. Then, I take off his nappy (which is dry about 80% of the time), hold him over a potty by the side of the bed (our mattress is on the floor), and he pees a massive water cannon pee ? then I put him on the bed again, put the nappy back on and he either falls back to sleep straight away, or has a bit of boob first. Don’t ask me how I do it, but it’s completely dark and I usually have my eyes closed. I just sort of feel and hear my way through it.

So that’s pretty much it. I love doing EC with my babies. I find it such a beautiful and deep level of communication. It’s so respectful of their needs. I do feel a little silly sometimes when I’m out somewhere and I’m running my baby to the toilet every twenty minutes or so. Most people don’t realise how often a baby needs to eliminate and most think it’s ridiculous to spend your time running a baby to the toilet… but I see it as a short term inconvenience (although not really) with long term benefits. It’s also pretty fun!

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  1. Good work Kate – love your style

  2. That’s fascinating! Something I wished I’d tried xo

  3. This is really interesting. Im going to try this with my newborn when she comes. Im so grateful i found ur blog. Keep the updates coming!!

  4. That’s such a great stage during the EC journey! My son would go pretty much any time I offered the potty at that age. As he got older, it took me a while to realize that I didn’t need to offer every 20 minutes anymore.

  5. I started so well with my now 16 month old but never kept it up full time. By the time she walked (at 11 months) she completely rejected the potty. I wish I too could let her go nappy free all the time to try and to get back on track.. although I suspect now it’s potty training ?


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