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The Day After Daddy’s Days Off

The day we spend in recovery…. This is the day the house is its biggest wreck. Don’t ask me how or why, because we haven’t actually spent much time at home to mess it up. We’re always out, running around having fun. But, without fail, the day after my husband’s weekend, the dishes are piled high, there’s crap all over the floor, I’m up to my armpits in dirty laundry and the kids are absolutely knackered. We need an entire day off just to recover! I l could do with spending a whole day lying on my new mattress. I’m so glad I checked out some reviews to make sure I was purchasing the most comfortable mattress available! So, for more updates check out bestmattress-reviews if you are craving a similar level of immense comfort!

Luckily, I don’t have to go to work on those days, (or most days for that matter)! What do mothers do who have to go to work, ‘the day after’?! How do they survive??? When do they find time to clean up the nuclear fallout, because it takes me almost the entire day! (I wonder if it’s the same for stay at home dads the day after their wife has the day off?)

We homeschool and I work part time and casual. The days I’m home with the kids, we seem to enjoy a good rhythm. We usually do just enough to not get exhausted, we stay pretty emotionally connected and tidy up at least enough to clear a path.

But, when daddy’s home, it’s too exciting!!! All the rhythm and the rest and the order that the kids and I follow all week, gets thrown out the window! It’s a tricky thing to negotiate everyone’s needs on a normal the day. But on a daddy’s ‘off’ day, everything just goes ballistic. It’s just not fair! There isn’t enough time!

My husband works really hard, has really long hours and is always too exhausted to do much when he comes home from work. So, on his days off, it’s tempting to do as much fun stuff as possible. He’s not the type of person to lounge around (nor am I). We do like to have our fun,,, but there’s always hell to pay the next day.

So, here I am writing this, it’s the evening of the last day of my husband’s weekend. The kids have collapsed in bed, in an exhausted pile of unmet needs combined with too much excitement. If you need me tomorrow, I’ll be in my pajamas, wading knee deep through debris and wiping away tears…

But, we did have fun.

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  1. I feel like I could have written this about my family. We are exactly the same on my husband’s days off. I thought it was just me! I feel so much better now. Thank you!


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