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Timeliness: That Window of Opportunity That Mothers Can’t Ignore

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I know some dads get it too… but in our house, it’s me. I’m always the one with the master plan in my head.

I know exactly how many milliseconds we need to leave the house by, before someone has to pee again, or before someone gets hungry, or before someone spills something on their clothes, or before someone wants to start building an 800 piece lego masterpiece.

Don’t tell me to hang on a sec while you figure something out on the computer, or you that you need to spend 10 minutes in the bathroom. Because, the time to leave is NOW! Especially… ESPECIALLY, when I have a baby.

Ok, ok, I know I need to relax. There’s no reason to rush…

But, I’m not rushing! I’m simply a super aware freak mum, who knows more about how my children feel and more about what they need, than is probably good for me! They were with me for nine months in the womb, and I fretted 24/7 over them for the first year or two of their lives. I KNOW these little people too well.

I KNOW things like, if we don’t get out of the shops in exactly 4.38 minutes, then dinner won’t get started, then the baths will be late, then the kids will go to sleep late, then the middle one will have night terrors because she’ll be over tired. Yes, all this JUST from leaving the shops a little too late.

And, I know that if we don’t leave the house NOW, then the 2 year old is going to fall to sleep in the car, but it will only be a micro nap, and then the good nap is spoiled and then I don’t get a break all day and then not only is the 2 year old cranky later, but I TURN INTO A RAVING LUNATIC!

Planning falls apart, I know that. And, it’s good to be spontaneous! Yes, I get all that and practice it daily. But, I have to be in the mood for it… I have to have the energy for breakdowns and meltdowns and missed sleep and so on.

So, I know, I seem like I’m keeping a secret schedule, or that I have an hidden agenda to be in control. And it sounds like I’m a super anal freak! What it is, is that I’m sharp and alert and I need to keep this little family unit running as smoothly as possible. It’s my inborn, slightly perfectionist yet nurturing, nature, that keeps me on a schedule the way I do.

When that window of opportunity presents itself, I need to make a move! And, if I don’t, and you see me getting uptight, now you know why.


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  1. I love reading your blog posts. They are all so relatable to me.

    All moms must have the timing of their children’s needs documented mentally. I know I do.

    I laughed at the part about you getting a break during nap time because I know exactly how you feel, and I only have 1. My husband thinks I’m crazy for saying I NEED his nap time for myself.

    Thanks for posting about your life and view. I enjoy reading your perspective on life’s little experiences.

    • Oh, glad you enjoy! I think even if you have 1 or 10, children still take up all of your time! Their naps are when we get a chance to take a breath.

  2. Hi Kate, i didnt have time to comment when i read first time ….! but firstly i totally get you ….im following atatched parenting ideals and we are the same here but what i really wanted to say was….perfectionism, think youre being harsh on yourself here. because i woudl describe this as a fundamental part of being in tune…i dont think it stems from that at all. its a by product of being in tune and trying the very best for the needs of the children and the family…hats of to us all doing this…i cant help but see the truth form where this comes form and it is from good mothering.
    have no time to re read this!!! yess…..ummm another sign of atatched parenting!! ha

    • Haha! Thank you! Yes, I know, maybe a bit harsh, but also I realise that sometimes I need to relax and sometimes it means we really mean to move!

  3. i think im with it… doubt , i need to re read ! all best


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