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How To Safely Put a Baby or Toddler On Your Back in a Baby Carrier

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When people see me swinging my babies over my hip, so I can strap them into a baby carrier, they sometimes look a bit worried that I might drop my kids! If only they could know that I’ve done this motion probably thousands of times. Here are two ways to put a baby or toddler on your back.

When you first start, you may want to practice in front of a mirror, or over a bed or couch, or with a spotter (someone to guide you). And, make sure your baby has good neck and back control before wearing them in a carrier like the one I’m showing. The brand of carrier in the video is an Ergo and the model is called an Adapt.

Wearing kids on your back is so great because it frees up your hands even more by allowing more movement. I also love it, because once a baby gets to be a certain weight, front wearing can make your back hurt like you’re perpetually pregnant. I back wear mostly to save my back!

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  1. I adore you. You make it look so easy. And that baby is adorable.

  2. I really admire parents who wear their babies. I’ve used several carriers before with my 4 children but never tried carrying them at my back. I just didn’t know how. Haha! Thanks for sharing. I might try it if ever 5th comes. LOL.

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