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Crafty Colored Rice

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Rice Craft

Drying masterpieces, I hope the birds don’t get to them…

When your 2 1/2 year old wakes you up at 5am and shows no sign of stopping until they take a nap in another 6 or 7 hours… they must be kept busy!  Here’s a really fun activity that has a few steps that you can get your kids involved with all along the way, depending on their age and ability.  Make some colored rice, cut out some pretty shapes, cover the shapes in glue, or mix some glue in some paint for a bit more color, and then sprinkle on the rice.  Margo got so into it! Read the rest of this entry

Used Toilet Paper Rolls: Get New Life!

Toilet Paper Rolls Toddler Craft

Cheesy posed smile!

Save those old toilet paper and paper towel rolls!  You can also use the cardboard rolls from the inside of cling wrap, garbage bag rolls, etc.  Make them into cool shapes: star, circle (no thought needed here), butterfly (failed attempt at a star), crescent moon, etc. Add with a bit of paint, blank piece of paper and a toddler who can’t ever be too busy and there you have it!  Margo also went that extra step and afterwards cut up her paintings with safety scissors… whatever… do what you want, girl!

See the original inspiration here:

How to Make a Baby Carrier for a Child (Tutorial)

Margo and her baby in the Mei Tai baby wrap

I’m not that talented that I managed to make a tutorial with a newborn and a toddler, but I did find an excellent tutorial on how to make a baby carrier for a child, and then made this one myself.  This style of baby wrap is called a Mei Tai.  In this photo, Margo is 2 1/2, and the size is perfect for her now, with lots of room to grow.   Read the rest of this entry

If I Had Married a Prince, I Probably Never Would Have Made This Cool Photo Frame!

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Picture Frame

More dodgy crafting. Happy Birthday Art!

What do you buy for the husband who is the ultimate bargain shopper?   Read the rest of this entry

Frilly Frilly Foo Foo: How to Make a Tutu

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Frilly Tutu Skirt

Dodgy crafting… good thing my 2 year old is not a tough critic

New and Improved Tutu
This one’s a bit better than the last.

Here’s my first and second go at making a girly frilly tutu. There are probably hundreds of tutorials out there on how to make these. And, did I read any of them? NO! Probably should have first, but anyway, it came out good enough for Margo to think it was cool. Here’s how I made mine in a few steps with dodgy pictures, inaccurate measurements and uneven hems 🙂 But, really who has time to be perfect?

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