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Yoga and Meditation: The Simple Science of Why It Works

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Make a tight fist.

Hold it.

Hooooold it.

Hold it until it becomes uncomfortable.

Keep holding.

Now relax.

Make a fist again.

Was it easier to make a fist the second time?

That’s the way yoga and meditation work for the body and mind. You give the body and mind a break from ‘the grind‘, so that you can come back again, stronger and sharper. Read the rest of this entry

If You Brush Your Teeth, You Ought to Read This

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Even the ocean sometimes isn’t enough to shut up my mind.

Tonight, while I floated around in the sea, trying to catch my last wave in, my mind was a bubbling mess of thoughts — worries, ‘what ifs’, doubts and insecurities. I walked home in a huff and took a shower. Then dried myself off and reveled in the fact that the house was quiet. My husband had taken the kids grocery shopping!

So, without wasting a second, I plopped down on the floor and shut my eyes for a 20 minute meditation. When I opened my eyes, I felt so fresh, alert and calm. All the stupid thoughts that had been flying around in my head 20 minutes ago, were gone. My smile was back and my breath felt light.

Do you brush your teeth everyday? Read the rest of this entry

The Mother Swallows the Anger of the Child


I was sitting in our big comfy recliner when Goldie (2 1/2) came running to my feet. She threw herself on top of me and started crying. I pulled her onto my lap and listened while I stroked her head, “Oh yes,” I said, “I know, you wanted something and you couldn’t have it, you’re upset, etc.” Kissed her little forehead and eventually, she started smiling and then she bounced away.

I laughed as she toddled off because our interaction was not too dissimilar to many interactions I’ve had with my spiritual guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation. People, including myself, travel all over the world to see him. He’s a very busy man, so when we finally get the chance to talk to him, we all gather around, painfully eager to get a chance to sit with him. And… he usually sits in a big chair! We laugh, we cry, we ask questions, we tell him our problems and our triumphs. The question I’ve heard him ask me the most is, “Are you happy?” He doesn’t really care too much what we do, so long as we are happy. Read the rest of this entry

I Bet You’ve Never Done Yoga WITH Your Yoga Mat

I know lots of you have done yoga ON a yoga mat… but how many of you have done yoga WITH their yoga mat? This is how Margo, my 4 1/2 year old, did it. She gave me explicit instructions on how to fold, bend and stretch, for optimal benefit. For those of you who may not know, ‘asana‘ is a sanskrit word for yoga pose.


Womb-asana (Footling Breech Variation)


Paper Airplane-asana


Yogi Taco-asana




Bow Down Before Me-asana


Heels In Your Buttcheeks-asana


Float in a Boat-asana


Yoga Mat Full Body Massage-asana


The Funny Things About Getting Sick


Have you ever gazed at the scratches on your mug in dumbfounded wonder and taken the time to imagine how they would have gotten there over the years? Have you ever acknowledged the brand name of the ceiling fan in your bathroom for the first time in four years and wondered why you never noticed it before? Have you ever stared at a wall for at least five minutes, without even once thinking it’s about time to move? I mean, when do we ever stop and notice that stuff? Well, that was me and my family for the past few days. Sick with a flu, and not just any flu. Like, worst flu ever flu. All at the same time. Like, even our doctor gave us a sympathetic, “You poor things.” When he saw the state we were in. Read the rest of this entry

Can Being a Parent Make You Enlightened?

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At least 12 years ago, a friend of mine told me that your spiritual growth stops when you have children. I would say that is 100% inaccurate.

The other day, I was coming in from the ocean after surfing and I had this brief glance of the universe/consciousness/God. Whatever you want to call it. It was sunset and the water was delicious. I kept diving under the water, just to soak up the last few rays of sun. Those last few moments of being alone in the ocean and feeling the cool water against my face and of it rushing through my hair. Read the rest of this entry

Is Eating Raw Food Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

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*Note: I am not bagging all raw food*

The other day, I started getting that old ‘cold a-brewing‘ feeling. You know, my throat was a little sore, my body was starting to get achy, and my nose was starting to snot. I should have stayed home and rested, but stupidly, I went out with my husband and the kids to the outdoors organic farmer’s market on a cloudy winter day. When we got there, I started to feel worse and I was looking for something warm and gingery to drink or eat. But, I couldn’t find it. Almost every single food stall there had big signs saying, “ALL RAW!!!!” Read the rest of this entry

Is Your Bra Toxic? Five Easy Tips for Healthy Boobies

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Don’t worry, this is not an invitation for a bra bonfire party (although we can have one if you want, our boobs might be happier that way). Read the rest of this entry

The Toxic Truth About What’s in Your Child’s Clothing (And Easy Things You Can Do About it)

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My kids have never worn ‘pajamas‘. Let me tell you why. Read the rest of this entry

You May Never Want to Bake a Kid’s Birthday Cake Again!

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*Amateur fruit carver alert
When I first cut the giant piece of watermelon that you see in the photo, it was all lopsided and squirting juice everywhere. I was cracking up thinking how I would be taking a photo of it and making one of those ‘Pinterest Fail’ memes. But, then I started carving away and shaping it up and I started to see some hope. After I made it mostly symmetrical, I added some other fruit, totally making it up as I went along, gaining more hope by the minute that this might actually come out ok. In less than ten minutes, I had made this silly little fruit castle cake with turrets. And, do you know what?! The kids loved it! Like, their eyes popped out of their heads when they saw it and were asking me permission to eat some. When it was time for the ‘real‘ birthday cake that I made (the healthy vegan time consuming one), they mostly passed their noses up at it! Really!!! Ok, so make a fruit cake! It’s fast, healthy and the kids LOVE it!

I used skewers for the turrets and you could use toothpicks too