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Get Some ‘Green’ Sleep on a Buckwheat Pillow

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Have you ever thought about your pillow? Pillows that you buy from most stores are filled with synthetic polyester or polyurethane (unless they are down pillows). They might be advertised ‘anti-allergenic‘ or ‘anti-dust mites‘, which sounds all great, but that usually means that the pillow has been treated with chemicals to make it that way! Synthetic pillows are also treated with boric acid, which makes certain that the pillow passes flame retardant tests. Ewww… I hate the idea that my head (or any other person’s head in my family) would spend upwards of 8 hours a night with the most important part of their body resting on something treated with chemicals known to kill mold, dust mites and prevent flame! Do you see what I’m saying?! There is a natural and affordable alternative! Read the rest of this entry

Certified Organic Babywearing Fabric and Baby Slings: Colimacon & Cie Review and Giveaway!



C’est la meilleur! (It’s the best!)

When I first started making my own Do-It-Yourself baby ring slings and baby wraps, I bought fabric from the local fabric shop. While the fabric was ok to get me started, when I still had an itty bitty baby, it was actually not as cheap as I had intended, and was not very good once my baby started getting heavier.  The thought also crossed my mind several times that the fabric from the fabric shop was ‘made in China‘, so was probably not ethically sourced and could potentially contain chemicals and heavy metals from the processing practices! I wanted to find something of better quality that was still affordable, and this is when (insert angels singing) I found Colimacon & Cie! Read the rest of this entry

Ladies, Please Spoil Yourself! Scarlet Eve Cloth Pads Review, Giveaway and Promotion

Milky Way Natibaby Cloth Pad = Divine

Milky Way Natibaby Cloth Pad = Divine

GIVEAWAY: Win two Hoppediz Pune Pads by Scarlet Eve!  Winner to be announced 25 January, visit Katesurfs Facebook page for an easy entry on rafflecopter

FREE AND DISCOUNT SHIPPING FROM SCARLET EVE UNTIL 1 FEBRUARY: All Scarlet Eve orders within Australia have free shipping, promo code: katesurfs  (All orders from over seas will receive discount shipping, a flat rate of $10, promo code: katesurfsos) Read the rest of this entry

Soap So Good, You Might Eat it! Currumbin Soap Review, Giveaways and Discounts

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Easy entry giveaway, go to Katesurf’s facebook page to win one of two packs of Currumbin Soap!  Just in time for Christmas and open world wide!

Receive 10% off all orders of Currumbin Soap from now until 31st January, just mention you visited Katesurf’s website before you place your order and you will receive a voucher number. Read the rest of this entry

Tampons Are So Out. Juju Cups Are In!


Receive $10 off your Juju Cup! – 10th Oct to 10th Nov, only through Katesurfs – Visit Katesurfs Facebook page for discount code

Ok, hopefully you like the pun in my title 😉  I used to be a menstrual cup user years ago, before having kids.  I liked the idea of saving money on disposable products.  Seriously, who wants to waste money on buying tampons and pads?  It is literally throwing your money away.   Read the rest of this entry

Angel Comfy Nursing Bra, Product Review


Click here to go directly to Katesurf’s facebook page to enter the GIVEAWAY of two Angel Comfy Nursing Bras (your choice of colour and size)  offer ends 5 Oct, open only to Australia and NZ residents.

Pre-kids, I was a ‘never wear underwire and rip my bra off the second I stepped foot in the house‘ sort of gal.  My how things have changed since I’ve been breastfeeding non-stop for the past 3 1/2 years.  I now pretty much have to wear a bra 24/7.  So, you can bet, that the bras I wear, absolutely, 100% MUST be comfortable.  This one that I got from Nursing Angel, of Australia, is overall, pretty good.  Nursing Angel sells lots of maternity and nursing gear, breastpumps, a few baby carriers, etc.  The customer service was good, I had my bra delivered to my doorstep very quickly.  The bra comes in three colours, black, nude and white.  I think the sizes are S,M,L, XL, but it doesn’t seem to be listed on their website.  I’m generally a size 12 B and I fit well into a medium.    I’ve put together a list of things that I like about the bra and and some pointers on things that could be improved about this over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder 😉 Read the rest of this entry

Slugs and Snails Tights for Boys (and girls) Product Review

Slugs and Snails

Slugs and Snails

I received some fluffy mail today from Ireland!  I entered a giveaway from Kidstuff and won these awesome tights from Slugs and Snails… Slugs and Snails makes ‘Bright tights for bold BOYS!’… Well, seeing as I have two girls, that didn’t stop me from wanting to try them out! Read the rest of this entry

Certified Organic Washable Baby Wipes from Nature’s Child Giveaway

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Certified Organic Washable Baby Wipes

Certified Organic Washable Baby Wipes, pack of four!

Click here to enter the giveaway! (Australia and New Zealand only)

I’ve been using these washable baby wipes from Nature’s Child for about three months now and I have to say, I really love them!  My three year old daughter likes them too, and sometimes I can’t find any around because she’s used them all on her dolls!  They’re called ‘baby wipes’, as in, for use on baby’s bottom, instead of disposable baby wipes, but in reality, you could use them for just about anything.  When I got them, my little one was no longer a ‘young baby’ (sigh), but if she had been, I would have LOVED using these on her instead of the cotton wool that I had been using.  For one, they are washable, which means, you’re not throwing away anything after you use them.  And, the other thing that I absolutely love about these things is that they’re so super soft and absorbent.  Perfect for a newborn and young baby’s delicate skin. Read the rest of this entry

Babywearing Rear View Mirror Review

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View of the precious cargo behind

View of the precious cargo behind

Over the course of three and a half years, I’ve racked up more hours of babywearing that I can possibly count.  Once both of my babies have reached about six months old, they were over the 95 percentile for weight, so I’ve done the majority of babywearing on my back.  As much as I like the cuddly front carries and kissing the top of a fresh little head, I don’t particularly like the feeling of being perpetually pregnant, which is sometimes how I feel when I have a fat baby on my front.  Back carries are great because not only are your hands free, but you can also bend over easily.  The only problem with a back carry is that you can’t always see what’s going on back there, and many times you can’t reach back there to ‘feel’ what’s going on either.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to ask my husband, or even my three year old daughter to ‘just have a peak at the baby and see what she’s doing‘.   I ask even more frequently if my baby is small and has fallen asleep, just to make sure that the airway is clear (of course, it always is, I just always want to double check). Read the rest of this entry

Onya Baby Carrier Product Review

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There's a kid onya :)

Aleshia, from Onya, came across my blog and sent me this sample Onya baby carrier months and months ago.  She seemed super friendly and it turns out that she used to live and surf right near where we live now!  How cool! Read the rest of this entry