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Vegetarian Family, Vegetarian Kid!

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Fattest Baby!

Margo at three and a half months old. Can you find the vegetarian Michelin Baby?

The doctors, midwives, strangers, my dear 80 year old grandmother, all raised their eyebrows and warned caution, ‘You’re vegetarian and pregnant!?’, ‘You’re vegetarian and breastfeeding!?’. ‘You’re going to feed your kid only vegetarian foods when they start eating solids?!’.  I wasn’t expecting these responses from people in the year 2010, when I was pregnant with Margo.  I thought, ‘Surely, people know by now that you can survive on a vegetarian diet quite well.’  And, what about the millions of poor people around the planet who are vegetarian by default, simply because consuming animal products is far to unsustainable and costly?  What about the BILLION plus population of India?  While not everyone in India is a vegetarian, many of them are!  They seem to be ‘surviving’. Read the rest of this entry

Why We All Need a Role of Duct Tape in the House: Removes Warts Too!

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Duct Tape Wart Removal

Oh, Duct Tape, You’ve Done it Again!

Duct Tape Wallets, Waterproofing, Wart Removal. Is there anything Duct Tape can’t do?

Yes, it’s gross, I know, but every few years, I seem to get a stubborn little wart somewhere on my hand. It usually takes me a few weeks, even months to locate the role of duct tape in the house. Usually, I can never find and and it can take me months to remember that next time I’m at the store, I need to buy some. All the while, my little wart friend is sitting there happily until I decide to take some action! Next time I’m out of duct tape I think I’ll have a look at medical advice like this med source. Read the rest of this entry

Apple Cider Vinegar as Hair Conditioner! Amazing, Simple and Cheap!

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Apple Cider Vinegar as Hair Conditioner!

One ingredient, does it get any more pure than that?

Thanks to a friend I was visiting in Sydney, I found that you can use apple cider vinegar as a hair conditioner! I used to spend so much money using these fancy organic, all-natural, blah blah blah shampoos and conditioners to make sure that I wasn’t using nasties in my hair, and even the ingredients in those ‘all-natural’ products didn’t always seem so natural to me. And even some of the most expensive bottles of whatever, would leave my hair greasy and dull!

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