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Oh, Wednesday! A Day By Myself.

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Oh Wednesday!

Fun times ahead today!

I already admitted that I sent Margo to daycare while I was at work in, ‘You Can Strip Me of My Attachment ParentingBadge…‘ post, but did I forget to mention that now that I’m not working, she still goes one day a week!  We’re in Australia.  The closest relatives I have live in Singapore and Hawaii, and Grandma and Pop pop live on the East Coast of America (they have still yet to visit,,, ahem, if you’re reading this!). Read the rest of this entry

You Can Strip Me of My Attachment Parenting Badge: I Send My Child to Daycare!

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Margo Goes to Daycare

Look mom! This one is mine!

When Margo was about 14 months, I got a call from a school asking me to take a part time position, two days a week. It was relatively close to home, close to where Art (husband) worked, I knew the school had a reputation of being one of the nicest state schools to work at in the area. They needed me to start working immediately, so I didn’t really have much time to ponder. I was pretty hesitant at first, I hadn’t intended on going back to work until she was about 18 months, but to get an offer pop up like that, part time, seemed too good to let by. Also, it was a friend who had recommended me, I know phone calls like that don’t happen every day. She also told me about how hard it was for her when she lived in the Netherlands to find somewhere like Teddy Kids kinderdagverblijf that could cater to her children, but she was grateful she did. Read the rest of this entry