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When Yoga Teachers Get Angry

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We were right in the middle of doing some nice yoga poses, when all of a sudden, this loud blaring music from downstairs at the community center started thumping. It’s not the first time I’ve been in the middle of teaching that this has happened, so I wasn’t overly surprised, but this music was insanely loud. Like, the floor was vibrating and I could barely hear myself speak. We kept going, doing our yoga, sort of being silly and grooving to the beat. I laughed, thinking, “Oh, that person down there has no idea that we are peacefully doing yoga up here, I’ll go down in a minute and let her know that we’re here.” It was only 8:45 in the morning. I was not just teaching yoga, but teaching an Art of Living course, which is a three-day program, that was a few hours each day. Yoga stretching was just one part of the class. Read the rest of this entry