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Sorry Tums, I’ve Found Someone New. Heartburn Relief Found in Your Kitchen

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When I was pregnant with my daughter, throughout the later part of the pregnancy, I was popping Tums or some antacid like crazy.  I later found out that I had gall stones, which is a whole ‘nother blog, I still have my gall bladder, thank you very much, but the gall bladder pain and heartburn pain are in similar areas, so I never knew which was which, and I would pop a million Tums, especially at night to make it seem more tolerable.  When Margo was five months old I was in the hospital with an inflamed gall bladder!  Of course, the surgeons were like, ‘When do you want to schedule surgery to remove your gall bladder?’.  I was like, ‘NEVER!!!!  You need your gall bladder, stupids!’.  Ok, I mean, you can survive without it, but I didn’t want to loose my little bile squirter.

After the hospital incident, I became much more aware of my gall bladder and liver.  Eating at certain times, certain foods, and actually, eating less dairy products, taking some ayurvedic remedies, and doing a cleanse, all seemed to help immensely.  I also read this crazy guy’s book called, ‘The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse‘.  The crazy guy, Andreas Moritz is actually really cool, he’s a gall bladder and liver crusader, but man, does he scare you about your liver!  Anyway, he mentions that anti-acids are really no good for you and often you confuse heartburn with gall bladder pain and the anti-acids just make the gall bladder worse.  So, I listened to the crazy guy and because I don’t want to do anything else to my poor gall bladder, (which has been behaving surprisingly well), I  have not popped a single antacid this entire pregnancy and haven’t even had real heart burn until…. the end of the third trimester… Oh yeah!  Bring on the heart burn! Read the rest of this entry