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Dear School Kid, Go Outside and Play. Love, Your Teacher

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Dear School Kid,
Today I said a little prayer for you. As I stepped out of the ocean tonight, after a mid-winter surf, feeling all fresh and alive, I wished with all of my might that you might have a chance to feel how I felt in that moment. My fingers were numb from the cold, but I had awareness in my breath and felt connected to my body. I wondered if many of you have ever felt this way before? It’s ok, I know how it is… I know that you’re stuck, sitting in school for 6 hours a day, and most of the time you don’t want to be there. And then after school, you go home and you sit around some more. I know because you told me. You told me that you sit in front of a screen for at least 5 hours on a school night and at least 9 on the weekend. Where does your mind go when you sit in front of that screen? Do you even notice that your whole consciousness dissolves in that glowing rectangular box in front of your face? I know it must be nice to get to do something that you ‘like‘ instead of being stuck sitting at school… I do understand…. Read the rest of this entry