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The Art of Slowing Down


It was hot. Steamy summer stinking hot. No breeze. And, I, had to walk 4km (2.5 miles) totting two kids to get to playgroup because I was the one with the key and I had to open the building up.

If I had gone in my usual fashion, which is to rush out the door at the last possible minute and walk as fast as I can, I would have arrived at playgroup in an frantic puddle of sweat. So, on this particular day, I left five minutes early and called a friend of mine who could intercept me on the way to grab the key off me if I didn’t make it in time.

On this day, I refused to be in a hurry. Read the rest of this entry

The Mother Swallows the Anger of the Child


I was sitting in our big comfy recliner when Goldie (2 1/2) came running to my feet. She threw herself on top of me and started crying. I pulled her onto my lap and listened while I stroked her head, “Oh yes,” I said, “I know, you wanted something and you couldn’t have it, you’re upset, etc.” Kissed her little forehead and eventually, she started smiling and then she bounced away.

I laughed as she toddled off because our interaction was not too dissimilar to many interactions I’ve had with my spiritual guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation. People, including myself, travel all over the world to see him. He’s a very busy man, so when we finally get the chance to talk to him, we all gather around, painfully eager to get a chance to sit with him. And… he usually sits in a big chair! We laugh, we cry, we ask questions, we tell him our problems and our triumphs. The question I’ve heard him ask me the most is, “Are you happy?” He doesn’t really care too much what we do, so long as we are happy. Read the rest of this entry

How I Met My Guru

(I don't normally wear flowers in my hair... long story)

(I don’t normally wear flowers in my hair… long story) Washington DC 2008 (photo credit Kasia Fraser)

I am Kate.

I have a Guru.

You can find my guru’s picture in almost every room of my house. It’s unusual for a white girl living in a modern western society, I know.

Gu – means darkness

Ru – means removal Read the rest of this entry

A Jai Gurudev Moment

Nearly there!!!  Now, if I couldn't only get my hand out of my mouth and move this chubby arm, I could roll over!

Nearly there!!! Now, if I couldn’t only get my hand out of my mouth and move this chubby arm, I could roll over!

It was hot and windy today!  Margo was driving me just a little bit crazy.  Nothing major, but just a little tired from a big day, the day before.  And, well, the wind always makes kids nuts. Read the rest of this entry

The Greatest Moments: Art of Living Courses!

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Flowers from our recent Art of Living Course

What are the really great moments of our lives?  Of course, every moment is the best, it’s the present moment, it’s all we have, so it has to be great!  But, for me, spending time with positive people and doing things to uplift our lives and the world around us, those are some of the finer moments in my life.  Something that leaves you with a genuine good taste in your mouth, that’s what I’m talking about. Read the rest of this entry

Art of Living, Keeping Me ‘In’ Sanity for Over Ten Years.

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Margo and Kate Meditate

As cute as this looks, I do prefer to meditate without a toddler on my lap!

What keeps me sane, may seem like insanity to other people.  I haven’t missed a day of meditation in ten years!

Over ten years ago, while I was in my second year at university, I did a program called the Art of Living Course.  They taught us all about yoga, meditation, life knowledge and most importantly, we learned this breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya.   Read the rest of this entry