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Starting Elimination Communication with an Older Baby

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Margo in Her Undies

Margo in her undies around 12 months old.

Elimination Communication (EC) is about building a child’s awareness of his or her¬†elimination needs, from a young age, it’s not all together ‘toilet training’, although, if you do it, even just part time, it will usually¬†lend itself to earlier toilet independence. Not everyone gets to hear about EC before their baby is born, and some have heard about it, but are too overwhelmed in the beginning with a new baby to give it a go. A few friends of mine, with babies/toddlers around 12 months, have told me they are interested in doing elimination communication, but thought their babies were too old to start! While I’m not an expert in beginning EC with an older baby, since I did EC with my kids from birth, I do have an idea of what it would be like. Read the rest of this entry