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I Got Called a ‘Lazy Thing’ for Being a Stay at Home Parent

Stay at home parenting is not easy!

Me, lazy? How could this kid let me be lazy?

I was at the markets the other day, and a lady whom I had known from around town was chatting to me about the new baby. She was a little shocked to see that I was carrying my baby around in a baby wrap. When will you put her in a stroller? Isn’t she heavy? If you carry her all the time now, she will always want you to carry her, etc. Read the rest of this entry

Oh, Wednesday! A Day By Myself.

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Oh Wednesday!

Fun times ahead today!

I already admitted that I sent Margo to daycare while I was at work in, ‘You Can Strip Me of My Attachment ParentingBadge…‘ post, but did I forget to mention that now that I’m not working, she still goes one day a week!  We’re in Australia.  The closest relatives I have live in Singapore and Hawaii, and Grandma and Pop pop live on the East Coast of America (they have still yet to visit,,, ahem, if you’re reading this!). Read the rest of this entry