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The Power of Letting An Upset Child Cry

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Goldie and the Jelly Fish

We were walking along the beach just at dusk when Goldie, my 2 1/2 year old, stepped on a jellyfish. It was a big fat soggy dead jellyfish, as big as my head. It was so soft and squishy that where she stepped, she left a perfect footprint on its half decomposed body.

She let out a horrified yelp!

To make matters worse, a split second before, her big sister, screamed; “GOLDIE, WATCH OUT!!!“, which had startled Goldie even more. Read the rest of this entry

Too Tired To Sleep: How a Supported Cry Can Help


When I put Goldie to bed at around 7pm, I thought for sure that she would fall asleep and be out cold for the night… I mean, the kid was BEYOND exhausted after having a massive day out. She usually sleeps through the night every other night, but within a half an hour of me putting her to bed, she was up crying!

Ugh!” I thought! “What the FRICKING HELL! She is exhausted, why won’t she sleep!

I went in the bedroom to lay down with her so she would fall back to sleep. She kept dozing and then waking back up, whining, squirming and half hearted crying. I started getting so annoyed! Really! I knew she was exhausted, so why wasn’t she sleeping?!

Luckily, the lightbulb switched on for me. She hadn’t had a big cry in a very long time, maybe a couple months. I knew it was time. Read the rest of this entry