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Kate’s Shovel-Down-Your-Mouth Banana Bread (Vegetarian/Vegan)

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Bananananana Bread!!!! The babies can’t get enough of my banana bread.

Last week, I had two 12 month old babies come to visit on the same day I made this banana bread.  Unfortunately for Art, by the time he got home from work, there was only a little crumb left for him.  One of these darling little babies, who apparently doesn’t consistently eat much, was SHOVELING this stuff down.  I stole part of this recipe and made the rest up on my own.  One because I don’t eat eggs and two because I always feel like after eating traditional banana bread, it makes me feel a bit like I just downed a bunch of sugar.  I put ground linseed (flax) and shredded coconut, so it takes a bit longer for you to burn, doesn’t give you that sugar rush thing. Read the rest of this entry

Quick Soy Tahini Pasta (Vegan)

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I like tahini, mom!!!!

This dish is easy and quick!  When I was a teenager learning to cook, unless we were baking something, the only thing my mother would ever tell me about how to prepare a dish was, ‘just put anything in it, you can’t mess it up!’. Read the rest of this entry

If I Had Married a Prince, I Probably Never Would Have Made This Cool Photo Frame!

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Picture Frame

More dodgy crafting. Happy Birthday Art!

What do you buy for the husband who is the ultimate bargain shopper?   Read the rest of this entry